Thursday, October 23, 2014

Quickie - Pink nails...and NS Savannah

My wife is still OK with the pink acrylic on my nails - the only comments have been favorable ones about their shorter length!  And the skin on my little finger where the nail ripped off, is healing very nicely.  It's all good...

Does anyone remember the world's first atomic-powered merchant vessel, the NS (Nuclear Ship) Savannah?  Folks my age may - I can remember building a model of it back in the early 60's when it was getting ready to begin service, as a prototype design passenger-and-freight-carrying ship, to display new technology in the Eisenhower Administration's "Atoms for Peace" program.

The Savannah was in service from 1962 to 1972, proving that ship-board atomic power was feasible.  Being a prototype, it was not "profitable."  (Unless "knowledge" translates into "profit.")  But much was learned, leading to development of today's atomic powered military ships, in the US as well as several other countries.

When it was retired,  nuclear fuel was removed, the reactor made inoperable and radiation was cleaned up.  Then the ship was mothballed, finally being towed to Baltimore in 2008, for long-term lay-up.  When I drove by the dock recently, the gate to where it's berthed was open and civilians were present, so I drove in.  Got a few pictures...


Forward view...


From mid-ship aft...

 Notice the propellers are is up on deck...

Still on the road with the antique car...bye for now!



  1. The Savannah is a beautiful ship. It is sad that it had to be mothballed but so much of our once wonderful naval fleet has met similar fates.

    I am glad that your nail is healing well. I am also glad that your wife is accepting of the pink color. I suspect that after so many decades of marriage that the idea that our wives do have to take us for better or for worse does finally sink in and they become innured, for the most part, with those parts of who we are that they finally realize that they cannot change.

    I wear pantyhose under my work slacks every day. Last night before driving home I took my socks off so that my beige/nude stocking covered ankles were visable if someone were to look. I took my wife out to dinner and as we were waiting for the check with my legs crossed my pant leg rode half way up my shin and she notices my hosiery. She asked if I had gone without socks to work and I told her that I had my socks on over my hose until I got in the car. I think she would have an issue if family, friends or co-workers saw my pantyhose.

    Another blogger ' posed the question about the anti gender dysphoria pill. If there were a pill that you could take to eliminate your T tendencies would you take the pill?

    I commented that I would not take the pill but I quipped that perhaps the better questions would be whether one's wife, significant other or loved one would want us to take a bill that would eliminate our transgender behavior and tendencies. I think my wife would put that pill into my next meal.


    1. Pat,

      Didn't see the question, but my own response echoes yours. And I think my wife would also find a way to get that pill into me...