Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Quickie: Friends, legs and other things...

We had friends from the other side of the bay (my former boss from another life, and his wife - we've known each other for 30 years) visit our place for lunch recently.  It's fun to see them...and we had a great visit, as always.

As we sat around the table chatting, several times I noticed his wife staring down at my legs (and my long-nailed hand that was casually parked there).   It was THAT obvious.  I was wearing 3" inseam shorts, pantyhose, women's polo shirt, and ballerinas - a typical summer outfit with my long hair and nails, nothing I haven't worn around them previously. 

In years past, I'd have blushed, and looked away, or tried to hide my legs.  But I didn't do any of those, and I think she may have noticed me noticing her.  Was I self-conscious or embarrassed at that point?  No, not at all.  It's the way I dress. 

But it's the first time I've felt somewhat I was seriously on display...and to another woman, no less.   I wonder what their conversation was about, on their way home?  (Or maybe, it's better that I don't know!)

On my way out of the nursing home today, one of the ladies I talk with (who's in a wheelchair and  who I believe knows I'm not what I appear to be)  proved to be very friendly...   She grabbed my hand to stop me...and had on a very pretty multi-colored dress.  I told her how beautiful she looked today, and she beamed...then (since she was still holding my hand - and running her fingers over my once-again long nails) she told me how smooth and pretty my hands are.  And grabbed for my other hand (which I let her catch!)

We chatted a minute about girl stuff...but I had to go.  I asked her if I could help her into the activity room with the other ladies.  She thanked me, but declined...and gave me a 60 second rant about how she'd rather be around men ("or you"), since men don't pick other women apart like the girls do.  "And you're not like those other girls, sweetie..."  (So, maybe she really doesn't know my true gender...)   Then she apologized for delaying me...

And tonight my wife and I went out for dinner...we were both received as "ladies."   I loved it...she, not so much, but nothing was said!   I'll end this with a peaceful waterfront sunset picture...taken tonight.  I snapped lots of good ones like this!  Living near the water is a lot of fun...good for many beautiful sunrises and sunsets.


  1. Mandy -

    Hopefully, you and I will meet one of these days and compare notes. (I'd also love to get your wife's take on things. I could only imagine if any of my former coworkers were to meet me en-femme and recognize me. You've just had an experience close to that, and I'd love to be a fly inside their car going home, as I'd bet that she brought up your feminine appearance to her husband once they were safely on the road....


    1. M,

      Yes, I also hope one day soon that we can arrange a meet-up. I'm looking forward to it. But unfortunately, it can't be on the trip I'm making in January. Amtrak's problems on the Lake Shore route to Chicago (shared by the Capitol Ltd) makes that a non-starter. I'll be taking the more southern route to Chicago going west, and coming back east, through New Orleans.

      But I hope to get some good skirt time on the trip...

      The folks we broke bread with have actually seen me in stirrup pants and capris with ballerina flats before. My guess is that they hadn't noticed my attire as there were lots of people around and things to be doing. But we both have the same opinion, i.e. that my feminine appearance was brought up on the way home.

      It would be interesting to know what they said. But what will be more interesting is what will they say to me, if anything, when we nest meet and I'm in capris or stirrups. I'll keep you advised...


  2. While the capris and stirrup pants are particularly female items the deal stealer is the pantyhose with shorts. These folks have known you for a long time and they know you as a good person. I suspect to them you are the same good person they have always known but they may be wondering about the nails and pantyhose.

    1. I'll see one, if not both, of them again briefly tomorrow as I drop off something they left at our place. Let's see if they say anything (I'll be in capris and pantyhose due to the forecast of cooler weather...


  3. I suspect that to some your presentation is somewhat of a mystery wrapped in an enigma.