Friday, September 22, 2023

My nails...

 Love 'em!



Just wish they could be done in pretty red gel...but that's not going to happen!  I'll settle for pinkish-white!




Monday, September 11, 2023

At last...

A perfect chance for some solo favorite way, in a skirt!  No sandals today, though.  Due to the nature of my trip (antiques), Wifey gave me a pair of ballet flats to wear with my shorts and tunics.  But they look good with skirts, too!


   It was a fun trip...first time in flats in a long while!

I love this outfit...the skirt was soft and floaty on a hot day, and the flats comfortable...but I really would prefer to wear dresses and sandals!  So  many other women wore them, that I was a bit envious...   











Saturday, September 2, 2023

They arrived....

Finally...the sandals I've been waiting for:  cute but with simple lines, very comfortable, in a darker tan and without the white soles, for less-casual occasions.  And, quite suitable to wear in cooler weather,with leggings.

I had a pair of similar sandals a couple years ago (a different brand), but they weren't at all comfortable, thus I purged them.  These fit very well - so well that I've worn them all day a number of times.  And best of all, Wifey likes them!

Because of my thin big toe nails and repetitive nail damage to them, you may recall that I have to wear acrylics.  To disguise the repairs,  my nail tech has kept them painted them in opaque colors.  And, she's now applying gel white to all 10, for longer wear and to  help them grow longer. 

To date, Wifey-approved nail colors are white for spring-summer-fall, and black or brown for winter.   I love the white...lots of girls wear it!   Bright toe nails look very nice with capris and shorts, and when the weather cools, I'll be showing them off with ankle-length leggings and turtleneck tunics!

That should be interesting...



Friday, August 25, 2023

A visit to the Dentist...

Recently I've had to make several visits to my new dentist's office (moving complicated things a bit.)   Several different things needed taken care of.  Since they believe I'm female (or are being exceedingly polite), they always address me as female, and compliment me about my choice of attire.  (That's easy to enjoy...)

This visit was no exception.  (Sorry there is no picture - description will have to do!)  Past visits have found me wearing various shorts and blouses, with sandals and lots of white toe nails showing! The girls always compliment something - last time, it was my new sandals.  

That morning, Wifey unearthed a pair of ballet flats for me, since rain was forecast - she didn't want my new sandals getting messed up in standing water.  And naturally, I polished them to like-new condition...gotta look my best!

But for this appointment: instead of shorts, I put on a pair of dressy black capris, with a light blue tunic which gave a hint of my breasts (and nipples - which stood proudly at attention in the office's cold air conditioning.)

Each girl grabbed one of my hands to admire my long pink fingernails, and reminded me that "you'd look even prettier with 1" extensions on eeach finger, with red gel color on both fingers and toes."   "Wow, do you mean wear them nearly 2" long?"  "Absolutely - I would if I could, but not in this profession!"   Then the girls added that "longer nails are so glamorous - you'd love them!"  To which the doctor added:  "And those pretty ballet flats look fabulous with your outfit!"

After all that, Novocaine wouldn't have been needed...I wouldn't have felt a thing!  (And though Wifey wouldn't allow it, I'd be in heaven with those longer nails...if I couldn't type with them!!)  However, not sure how long I'll have them even this long...typing gets harder by the day!




Friday, August 18, 2023

Sightseeing again...


 Abandoned motel along US 11 near Chattanooga, taken in 2022.  Before some major changes:

Was passing through town again on another trip, and did a double-take.  The motel was completely  GONE!!!  (Including most of the parking area!)

Guess that's progress for you!



Monday, August 7, 2023

No, iI's not what you think!

I'm fully clothed!  It's simply a picture of my legs and feet while a passenger in Wifey's car, wearing a pair of 3" inseam women's shorts,  tunic blouse, and my new sandals!   

Shorts or capris, tunic blouses and sandals are my everyday summer outfits - no pants!  And with my long hair, long pink fingernails and purse, I'm lovin' being addressed as a woman! 



Monday, July 31, 2023

Not sure of the occasion...

...but I couldn"t help noticing a bevy (probably about 15) of attractive young ladies at a historic site as I was traveling in the south a few days back.  Not sure what was the occasion for such attire at lunchtime, but temperatures in the 90''s might have had something to do with it...



And I was more than a bit jealous of their cute micro-dresses and heels, while I was "stuck" standing there in a casual blouse, capris and my new sandals.  One of their outfits would be so much more stylish, fun to wear, and much cooler, too! (And those pink heels were adorable!)

If I could, I'd be dressed like that, too!  Perhaps someday...



PS: Two things we all had in common: cameras...and, you guessed it: white toe nails! (I may have had my picture taken as I passed by them!)