Monday, June 26, 2017

That was quite a day...

It started out with just a few errands to I threw on a woman's everyday capri outfit.  Like this...

First stop was a visit to a tire shop which does general car repairs too.  I had been there before, and was addressed as, and given preferential treatment as last time, as a woman.   When I walked in this time, there were four women seated and waiting, with kids in tow.  And a man in line waiting to be served.   He moved me ahead of him in line, saying "ladies first."   Fortunately my repair was simple (patching a nail puncture) so he wasn't delayed long because of his courtesy...

Second stop was at an auto parts store, with burly guys buying parts and non-burly guys perusing the shelves.  This was the store where the "guy in the skirt" worked at one time, but I haven't seen him in a while.   Nobody raised an eyebrow, including the elderly man at the cash register, who addressed me as "Ma'am."    And on the way out two clerks who had been on break (one male, one female) held the door open for me and thanked me for shopping there.  And then she said, "have a nice day, Ma'am."

At the shoe shop, the proprietor addressed me as "Ma'am" - just like he usually does.   And he did a small job for me right away, while the guy who came in with a similar job had to come back at noon.  "Thanks for stopping in again, Ma'am."

Last stop was the pharmacy.  The lady clerk used all appropriate female terms, and complimented my sandals

Needless to say, this was one of my best days in a while!

More later!

Friday, June 16, 2017


While driving home through central Michigan on our last excursion, we passed through the nice little town of Grayling...

In addition to a picturesque small town train station and museum (above, but not yet open for the season), we looked down the street and found an interesting establishment.  I did a double take, then a triple take, and yes, it reads exactly as follows:

Hmmm...that COULD have a VERY kinky connotation!

But in reality, it's descriptive of one wonderful sport:  canoeing, particularly since the Au Sable River flows through town.   Their emblem (as seen on the internet) is crossed oars, or "paddles."  Since it was too early, the place wasn't open - I'd have loved to go in and hear the full story of the name, first-hand.  Of course, in capris, a blousy tee shirt and flats, with a purse, it could have been an even bigger adventure!

It would also be interesting to learn the origin of the name of the Dead Bear Brewing Company elsewhere in town...interesting names, for both establishments.   (Sorry, no Dead Bear picture.)

Be safe...


Saturday, June 10, 2017

I'm soooooo confused...

With some future joint trips beginning to appear on the calendar, my wife took exception to my wearing these sandals on them:

Now, I've been wearing them during warmer weather since I bought them back in December of 2015, and out and about with her occasionally since then.   The only reason given was "they're too girly, men don't wear white shoes."  Apparently it's OK if I wear them around town, in her presence, or when I'm traveling alone.  

So - I will wear them when I can! They're too comfortable to give up!

Interestingly, my shorts (below) have been around for years.  The inseam is 3", so they qualify as "short shorts."  When I sit down, my legs are very much on display - there's no possible way to hide them.   And I've worn them in her presence.  

So far, not a peep!  (I'm not arguing, mind you!)  But to me, the sandals don't seem quite as feminine as my shorts which, being dark, might even be mistaken for a short skirt...

C'est la Vie!


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Retail Therapy and auto repair...

Monday I stopped in a nearby thrift shop...they were well stocked, but had nothing with a full elastic waist in my skirt size.  There was one heavier sweater-weight blouse I liked, but it was a 3X and it was immense.  So that didn't work, either.  :-(

On the internet at "FullBeauty" there's a black tiered skirt at a reasonable price, just about like my tan one shown in previous pictures, which should put me back in business with a good black skirt.  If it works, I can donate away the black knee length skirt that doesn't fit quite right any more. (And they also have a top I can use.)

I just need to find a reason to order them...then hope they fit.  Retail therapy is always a good thing!

That was all before the low tire pressure light lit up on our daily driver.   When it came on two weeks ago, I checked and filled all the tires.   Since it came on again this soon, I knew there was something wrong.  Stopped at the tire store on this side of the bridge, and (wearing capris and a tunic top, with my other cues) was addressed as a woman.  "We can take care of you right away, Ma'am."  
Sure enough, there it was - a long nail embedded in the tread.   

They repaired the puncture, re-balanced the tire, and I was on my way 20 minutes later.   Sometimes being a woman can have definite advantages.   (And it was fun talking about kids with the other women in the waiting room.  Obviously they accepted me as one of them.  No men there that day!)
Good news is that the tire is still holding air today...

In response to reader Pat's earlier question about skorts, here is a picture of the one I wear occasionally:

 It's very comfortable, but unfortunately a bit dated.  Newer ones (like the ones my wife wears) are full-skirted.   I also have a denim full-skirted skort, but it came with a torn pocket seam.  I'll get "trying it on for size" and "having it repaired" on my to do list!   

Thanks, Pat, for getting me moving on this little project.

That's all for now...


Monday, June 5, 2017

Another Journey - part 2 (final.)

Welcome back....
About halfway through our trip, I got a call from my credit card company.  Someone somewhere had hacked my credit card and was running up mail order charges on it, so it had to be cancelled and replaced.  The new card would be waiting when we get home.  We didn't want to risk using my other credit card that has the automated toll collection transponder on it (we hate to sit in lines on toll roads), so we used my wife's credit card, which had nothing else connected to it.   This was the beginning of a lot of fun (at least for me) - and confusion for the clerks at stores. 

I had to change the credit card I used to pay for our hotel reservations.  This was not a problem.  They accepted the one with my wife's name on it, from me.  I'm not sure what they were thinking when they saw the "other" female name.  My wife was always nearby, but they didn't ask to talk to her.  And the clerks said "thank you, Ma'am" as I finished with the changes.  This happened several times, till we got home. 

We went into a restaurant for dinner one night, and the twentysomething waitress was doing the "no gender-specific form of address shuffle."  I was in a stirrup pants outfit with my purse, etc..  But I wasn't disguising my voice.  When it was time to pay the bill, she asked "one check or two?"  "One, please" was my response.  When it came, I handed her the credit card in my wife's name.  The waitress returned with the credit card slip, and left the table.  My wife signed it, and when the waitress came back, I handed the signed bill back to the girl.  Who looked at it, looked at me,  then my wife, and gave us a cheery "Have a nice evening, ladies."   This happened a lot, and I loved it!

In conversation later that evening I jokingly said "I guess we're confusing a few people as to whether I'm a boy or girl."  She raised her eyebrows, and said:  "A few?  More like a lot.  Just about everyone."   She apparently took it in stride.  Amazing...but I won't read too much into it.  I don't think she's ready for me to wear skirts in public.   Someday, I hope.

While we were in Michigan, a crowned tooth broke off, way below the gum line.  A couple days ago, when I visited my dentist, he told me that it's so badly damaged, it has to be pulled.  I got an appointment for next week with the oral surgeon.  And I still need to get the daily driver aligned - it pulls to the left on the road.  It only takes a moment to end up in the opposite lane.  Not a good thing. 

Before long we plan to go visit the kids and our granddaughter. She's growing, and beginning to talk.  We're anxious to see her again!

For now, I'll leave you with a couple more pictures from the trip.   Following is one of the "mushroom houses of Charlevoix, MI":   Their style is fascinating...

A very unique design, to say the least! 
Do you enjoy an occasional beer?  "Hops" is an ingredient...  Ever wondered how they're grown?   We came across a hops farm:

 I'm told the outer fence is to keep the deer away...they like to nibble!

And lastly, a spectacular sunset from our hotel room on the trip home:

It was incredibly beautiful to watch the sky progress from flaming oranges and deep blues, into eventual darkness!  (Are those streaks in the sky "crepuscular rays?)

Another wonderful trip!

That's all for now,