Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Ladder 49" & "Is that a TG or maybe TS?"

Did anyone watch the motion picture "Ladder 49"?  I didn't, and from the reviews, neither did lots of people.  But from Wikipedia, I found that it was a 2004 drama about the heroics of fictional Baltimore firefighter Jack Morrison, who dies trapped inside a burning grain elevator and warehouse.  

Though not marked, the facility they used to film the fire scenes (badly burned from the flames) can still be found - at the entrance to the road leading to the NS Savannah.  The folks I talked to as I was taking pictures were able to identify it.  Being made of concrete insures that they (elevators and warehouse) will be around for a long time to come, unless someone pays to demolish it!

This morning during breakfast at the Wingate Inn, my wife and I sat next to a very friendly young (20-ish) male NJ resident, who was interested in our group's cars and where we were visiting.  Although our visit was over and we were ready to go home, we told him where we had been. 

Bear in mind that I was in my usual androgynous mode (as I was for the entire time away from home):  stirrup pants/jean leggings, pantyhose, ballerina flats, a women's top and sweater, necklace, purse and my new pink nails.   He had a somewhat progressive hair style, short and close cut on the sides - definitely male, but it wouldn't have taken much of a wig and some jewelry/makeup to move him over to "our side of the aisle."  And he definitely checked me out as I sat down.  I could "feel" his eyes on me, from my long hair right down to my flats.

He soon changed the subject to his own situation - going to school to get a teaching certificate, in history, and he pointed out that he really loves history.  I commented that it's unusual, though not unheard-of, for a guy to teach history.  All but one of my history teachers were women.   He said that the joke among history students is "the best way to look for a job teaching history is to watch the obituaries...once history teachers get a job, they stay till they die." 

I almost fell off my seat when he told us "But there's a pretty woman inside me, just waiting to break out and get out there and teach!"  My wife, who was a history teacher for a while "back in the day," hit the ground running and was able to talk about her days teaching, until we were done eating. Then we said our farewells, and started on the way home.

In the car, nothing was said.  I was wishing there had been a way to engage the guy a bit on the topic, since he seemed very open about it.  But not around my wife!

The topic didn't come up until I finally asked if she thought the guy might be transgendered and waiting to transition.  She said "Could be, but I sure wasn't going to go there.  He could have brought it up if he had wanted to talk.  It could have been very awkward for me. You probably didn't notice him checking out your appearance."  And then she promptly changed the subject.

Since it would have been a long, silent ride home if I tried to bring it up again, I didn't.   But I still think he'd have made a very cute girl if he were made up and put in a nice outfit.

Segue to food...something we saw a lot of on this trip.  If you ever get to Baltimore with some time on your hands, this should be an  interesting place to have lunch.  Looks like a ship, but it's "smoke and mirrors."    The Captain James is on Aliceanna Street, not far from Fells Point, a trendy area.  They have a parking lot - that's a good thing in an area where it's tough to find a spot on the street and there are lots of walk-in customers.  And it's been around for a long time.

Maybe someday I'll get there...unfortunately, it's too far from home for a quick meal.

More later,



  1. Wow! Great experience Mandy! Sort of sounds maybe he had a little experience in the "feminine arts" to bring it up!

    1. Yes, it was...and a first for me, to find someone open enough to discuss it. I believe he was one of us...but unfortunately I couldn't find a way to discuss it, with my wife sitting there. And he was probably as disappointed as I.


  2. While your wife may have retreated into her 'not my husband' mode you may consider your encounter with the young man at breakfast as a positive step for you and for him.

    If he had any CD or TG tendencies, issues or interests his encounter with an older comfortable man out with his wife while wearing womans clothes, pantyhose, long hair, purse and polished nails was likely a positive and enpowering encounter for him.

    Every day that you are out and about presenting as you do you provide encouragement to those who need to see that the world will not end if there is one more person out there dressed in hose and having their nails polished.

    Always good to hear of your encounters with civilians.


    1. Other than seeing the guy with red nails at the antique show a few years ago, it's the first one of us that I've encountered in day to day life (i.e. not a meet-up.) And in both cases, my wife was present, putting a big damper on any follow up.

      I hope my being out and about as I am, encourages a few of our more bashful sisters to spread their wings and try it. It's fun, and definitely worth every bit of effort!