Sunday, March 10, 2019

Daylight saving time...

For those of you in US areas which move clocks forward in the spring, and back in the fall, Happy Daylight Saving Time to you...    It's another week of disrupted sleep and stress.  Maybe we can eventually decide to go "one way or the other" and simply stay there!

No, that's too simple.  Nothing ever happens the "simple" way...


Friday, March 1, 2019

More BL-2 Action

Following are some pictures of what was then (in 2001), and still is called, the "New Tygart Flyer," running from the "middle of Nowhere" in West Virginia, to "Nowhere else" and back.  The ride was good, the locomotive on one end was a beautiful BL-2, and scenery was typical for WV - "wild and wonderful."

Since that time, the trains are still running, passenger equipment has changed significantly (still looks pretty good, from what  I can tell on-line), the BL-2 is still around, and they still have that wonderful scenery.

A big improvement is that they now operate from the classic small-town depot in Elkins, WV:

At the time this picture was taken, tracks were gone and the depot was empty.  It has received a facelift, tracks were re-laid, and it is now open for use.

In  the event you're looking for a nice, scenic "about 4 hour round trip" train ride with extra-cost parlor car accommodations and a lunch available, here it is.  The only downside: you have to get there!  That's a story for another day...