Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween - OMG! Part 2

It was a long drive from Mom's nursing home to the sale venue...where I would be spending the days this weekend.  And being not so fond of traffic, I was hoping for the best on the way.  I was very lucky.  It was my smoothest ride ever to get there.

When I arrived, I was anxious to see this year's reaction to my outfit.  Didn't take long to notice women checking out my legs - the stirrups and flats were plainly visible.  As I walked in, what did I see, but someone in a full witches' costume - including a skirt!

She was talking to a lady vendor about her costume and as I liked both the booth's contents and her costume, I spent some time checking the wares.  It was easy to see that the "witch" had long, beautifully done nails, each with Halloween nail art, and was wearing full makeup.  But she was not making much of a pretense of disguising her voice in her conversation with the clerk, even as I moved closer.

I spoke first and complimented her outfit.  She thanked me, in her femme voice, and the three of us all started talking.  She gave up on her femme voice, and showed us her nails.  She spent a fortune on Halloween nail art on all 10 nails...they were beautiful.  She actually makes no pretense of using the women's room.  Last year she made quite a stir by using the men's room while wearing a hoop skirt!   She related some of her experiences, and I chose to out myself to them.  The lady vendor was fine with it...and the Witch (who was wearing her "guy name" attendee badge) commented on how he was wearing a wig, and he wished his hair was long like mine. 

We chatted for a few minutes and I found out that (s)he was headed for a something in Gettysburg, PA.   Like to pick up a skirt!  Never did find out what's going on there for Halloween, though it probably is some kind of a "haunted thing" - Gettysburg is reputed to be one of the most haunted towns around.  I guess that's due to the number of folks who died in battle there.  Then I finally had to get back to selling.  He plans to come back next year (has been there before while dressed, though I never saw him) and he and the lady vendor both want me to attend dressed.

Not sure what I'll do about that...but for some reason my stirrup pants and pantyhose with flats and purse attracted a lot of looks today...all from women.  I'll see how things go over the next year!

I saw the "witch" twice more during the day...he looked nice each time.

The meet-up I'd hoped for, with one of the girls from on the blog, unfortunately fell through at the last minute :-( and that meant I would have to go to Red Lobster alone.  I was well received (as a woman) at RL, enjoyed a tasty and relatively economical meal, and headed back to the motel when I was done.  Here's how I was dressed for the evening.   I recruited the desk clerk (who remembered me from last year - I wonder why?) to take my pix...

That gave her a few minutes of an otherwise dull and boring evening.

Lots more coming, as things are in constant change...hopefully all good.   Stay tuned!



  1. Wow, what a great Halloween. It seems like 100% of the women that you encountered were perfectly fine with you in a skirt with pantyhose, makeup and a purse and that they encouraged you to keep up with the skirt and pantyhose. It also seems that the women immediately noticed you in your stirrup pants and pantyhose. Women are much more observant of what others are wearing than men, unless the man happens to be a CD. I also think that women feel a sense of comity with a man in a skirt and hose. I may also add that all of the people at the hotel and at Applebees and RL were totally fine with you wearing high heel MJ pumps.

    I suspect that a lot of the home front tension is the old not my husband syndrome. I understand it very well. My wife knew that I wanted to dress and get out this weekend but events kept her too much on edge. On Halloween the neighbors in our condo all sit in a driveway and give out candy, while we eat pizza, drink and socialize. For me to leave the complex I would have to drive past that house and that concerned my wife. Also we had a family event on Saturday and our son was driving 4 hours to get to the area and she had the fear of what would happen if he were driving and had to call me for help if I were out while dressed. Saturday we had to drive 1.5 hours for a family event and did not get back home until 9 PM and I was shot but could have summoned the energy. Sunday I had planned to dress fully at home but my wife invited my son and his girlfriend to help me move furniture and after that we went out and did not get home early enough for me to change. It is one of those things that if it isn't one thing its another.
    Oh well, I look forward to the rest of your adventures.


    1. Pat,

      This clearly was the best Halloween I've ever experienced, even in spite of the NMH syndrome you'll hear about in the 4th part still being finalized. And there's a surprise Sunday ending to my time at the show... I won't spoil it for everyone, but it was unforeseen, and totally out of the blue.

      Sorry your day wasn't "dressier..." But as you indicated, stuff happens! And I know you'll get out many times before then...