Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Eyebrows, shaving, & the closet.

At the beauty salon, it was time to get the gray covered again, and to have my eyebrows waxed...   The beautician (J) did my eyebrows right once again, and shaped and thinned them out nicely, making them feminine again.  After which, one of the female customers mentioned how good they look.  I've heard this before...and that's why J gets to do them!

J's hand brushed on my face as she was waxing, and that brought up a question:  she asked me if I have had facial hair removal, or do I shave every day. I told her no to the first part of her question, and yes to the second.  She insisted my face is too smooth for shaving, so I told her that I figured out how to triple-shave and keep my skin smooth, for longer.  And told her that with high quality makeup, I can go a good 7 hours or so before my facial hair returns. 

Then I confessed to her that years ago, I had my arms and legs lasered about 5 times, my chest and back a couple of times, to remove a tropical rain forest of hair.  And I gave her permission to touch my arms and legs to check the results  (I was wearing 3" inseam women's shorts with pantyhose, but if there is leg stubble you can sometimes feel it through pantyhose.)  Two female customers were listening to our conversation, were interested in laser hair removal - and wanted in on the party.  So before long, I had three women checking out my smooth arms and gingerly touching my legs.  (Very interesting, and a lot of fun, too!)

They were curious as why I hadn't done my face "back in the day..." The most obvious reason was lack of funding.  However,  I pointed out the fact that over half of my facial hair is light colored and the percentage grows by the year.  If I do any further removal, or start work on my face, it really should be done by electrolysis for best results, and being retired, there's no extra money available for that.   So, J and I talked about some of my lasering experiences, till she was finished with my hair.  A wonderful day, for sure!

I'm quite a bit farther "out of the closet" with my mother than anyone else close to me, at least picture-wise.  That's simply because she doesn't remember much!  She seems OK with having her "overweight daughter" appear on at the nursing home on Halloween, because it's a costume, but doesn't think I should dress elsewhere.  (Little does she know...and knowledge that I go out in public dressed is something she probably would remember.)
I've been getting her comments on some of my outfits.  From pictures, she preferred the following two.  Notice the similarity - a long skirt.  Other outfits had my shorter skirts, and she characterized them as being "too flirty...you're not looking for boys."  Her terminology shocked me, given the state of her everyday memory!

My first picture seemed to garner the most appreciation, and she told me that she loved my shoes. (I'll have to try on the blouse to make sure it still fits...LOL!)  She liked the second outfit equally well, but "you'd want to wear your mary janes with that outfit.  It'll be too cold for sandals."

"I never thought my son would look like a woman and be wearing women's clothes in public, let alone walking in high heels.  But you do look very pretty in both outfits.  People are going to think you're a woman, so the least you can do is be as attractive as possible."  Obviously she never saw - or can't remember - that I tried on high heels from her closet when she wasn't around.  Nothing was ever said about it....

Though tomorrow, she won't remember what she said today, I'm just about (99%) convinced to visit in a skirt on Halloween.  One little problem.  My wife reminded me that she will be in town that day,  and I can't be sure she won't drive by, simply to see what time I leave for the antique sale.  Nor can I wait at home till she returns.  Thus, I may adapt plans accordingly, and change in the restroom at the nursing home, both as I go in, and as I leave.  It doesn't have quite the impact (either for me or for the staff and residents), but it may have to suffice!

More later...



  1. The comments and observations from J and the ladies at the salon had to be very affirming. It is clear that they understand and appreciate the effort that is needed for the search for beauty.

    I really liked the comments from your mom. If people are going to think you're a woman the least you can do is be as attractive as possible. I agree with her about the MJs.

    Good luck with whatever happens on Halloween. I am sure that you will have all of your contingencies covered.


  2. Yes, I really enjoyed the comments from the other girls...they were ever so nice!

    Mom should be fine with me as Mandy on Halloween...but I don't have any other plans to show up in a dress till next Halloween! Thanks on the wish for good luck...hopefully all will go well with the staff and residents!


  3. You know you did things right once your beautician notices you! It seems like you were happy with the results, and that you even recommended it to other people. It's great to introduce people into this procedure, as this helps them in getting additional options on what to do with their hair. Take care!

    Emily Ross @ Age Less Laser Centres

    1. Emily,

      Sorry about the delayed response...I was out of town with my antique car. Had a great time!

      While many of the girls have lots more girly experiences to share, what few I have, I gladly share with a willing audience...

      Thanks for commenting!