Friday, December 15, 2017

Which will it be?

Pat, one of my long-time, faithful readers, commented in a recent post that in my next planned solo excursion, regarding my plan to take only one skirt:  "...there is always room for one more thing."  And, so yesterday, I tried on my red skirt.

Luckily, it fits fairly well.  Thus, I plan to wear this outfit at least once, somewhere during my excursion trip (as shown, or perhaps with a black turtleneck top):

It's also likely that I will be wearing black tights instead of pantyhose, particularly if the weather is cold.  You might also find me wearing a pair of clogs instead of flats or Mary Janes.   My clogs are comfortable enough for all-day wear.

Also, I tried on my black skirt, which hasn't seen the light of day in a long time.  While it will be worn with a gray or black turtleneck blouse instead of the short sleeve one pictured, and black tights instead of pantyhose if it's cold, the outfit is businesslike, and appropriate for travel.  I hope I can find someplace to wear it...

Incidentally, I measured both skirts, and they're precisely the same length!  (Both were hemmed by my favorite seamstress...)  And the two skirts (put together) are lighter and thinner than either one of the denim skirts I was considering.  So, I'll take both along.  Nothing like having greater flexibility, is there?  Thanks for the idea, Pat!

For anyone wondering about the how my new jacket worked out:  It's arrived, and is an absolute home run!  My wife is fine with it...and I love it.  This was a fabulous compromise between my heavy (in both weight and warmth) men's winter coat, which we bought well before I retired and have only worn a few times (typically it doesn't get that cold here on the Delmarva), and my light-weight jackets, which are only good down to about 25-30 windless degrees.   And we saved many dollars in the process.

The jacket has undeniable hints of its intended "gender."  There are snaps which "close" over the front zipper, which open on the "women's side." There is a huge collar, with "women's style" fur around the face.   And it has a bottom drawstring.  But it's much warmer than any jacket I already own, and is loose enough that I can wear a sweater underneath when the weather gets really cold.

I'll post a picture for you at some point...stand by!



  1. Having two skirts and tops to choose from on your adventure is better than one. I hope things fall into place for you.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I, too, hope things fall into place. I'm looking forward to going...