Sunday, December 10, 2017


During our last excursion, I needed a bit heavier jacket than I was planning to wear.  (My men's winter coat was far too heavy and warm.)  Alas, I didn't own one.   So I made do with what I have, and fortunately it was warm enough that there was no issue.

However there is the outside possibility of a solo winter convention trip down south. (See below.)  If it happens, my men's (heavy and warm) winter coat will again be much too heavy.  And my lightweight jackets will be much too cold.   Worse yet, I won't have enough suitcase room to take the winter coat plus 3 lighter-weight layering jackets.

I asked my wife if she had an old puffer parka which I could borrow for the trip, to work with a sweater.  The one she has is the one she wears, so no luck there.  I went on line to check some of the men's shops and found nice jackets that might work (of course I'm dubious of men's sizing, having not worn men's clothes for many years), for $150 to $250.   In the women's plus-size websites, I found several that should work fine, on sale for $75 - $100.   The price difference caught my wife's immediate attention, and once I found an on-line coupon for 50% off the sale price, I got the all-clear to buy and wear a women's coat!

It's been ordered...I'll let you know if it passes muster once it arrives.

As I mentioned in the previous post, we both have been under the weather for over two weeks now, and we're just beginning to feel somewhat better.   I'm "sort of" hoping to attend a convention in mid-America in January, using my usual modes of transportation - train and rental car.  I'm not getting myself overly excited about this - as awful as the cold (or whatever it is) has been for me, and the fact that I was on antibiotics for quite a while, I'm concerned about a relapse.   That has happened before.

And even without considering that issue, the fact that Mandy will have to stay in the suitcase for most of the trip is quite depressing.  Current plan is to take only one mid-calf, winter weight denim skirt along...everything else I wear will be my usual stirrup pants and a pair of capris, with lots of turtlenecks.

More on this as (or if, or when) it develops...



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    1. Thanks, hon. It's slowly improving, but time will tell.


  2. Mandy -

    First - Feel better soon!

    Second - Again, a little progress with the wife regarding the coat. Congratulations.

    I always know my size in both Men's ans Women's wear. So much easier
    when I have to switch modes as often as I do.

    Third - Cisgender women tend to wear trousers these days in colder weather,
    except when in cities like New York, where they are always competing
    against each other for a man's eye. Consider a Tunic length top/dress
    with leggings to make a "blend in able" presentation.

    Good luck, and hope to see you next year in your travels.


    1. Hi Marian,

      Thanks...we're both doing a bit better. But I will keep the appointment I have with an Ear-Nose-Throat doctor just in case. I don't want to end up canceling the trip.

      The coat has been shipped. Should be here this week...if porch pirates don't get it first! (Fortunately that isn't a big issue here on the Delmarva. Yet.)

      I'm taking the denim skirt along, just in case I want to wear it for dinner enroute. But as you know, I present as a boy - and as a girl - in women's pants and tunic tops, with flats or clogs, and my purse and long hair. (I add makeup and jewelry for full femininity.) This trip will be no different.

      I haven't bought any men's clothes (other than a cheap suit and long sleeve dress shirt for an occasion about 4 years ago). Even though the shirt was the "correct" neck size, it didn't fit right. I spent as much as I paid for the shirt to have the sleeve length shortened, and nobody would even attempt to work on the collar issues. So I won't buy men's things again. I simply like the fit of women's things better.

      I resurrected my men's sport coat from when I was still working (yes, remarkably it still fits) and wear it with women's elastic waist pocket-less pants and a women's short sleeve dress shirt. With a tie, nobody can see that the shirt buttons on the girls' side...and nobody cares that my pants don't have belt loops or a fly.

      Women's clothes just feel right, and it works for me.

      Thanks for the good wishes...I need the luck - just to get better and get going! And I hope to be able to meet up with you next summer...we can work on that in the spring.


  3. Mandy
    I hope you and your wife are feeling better. I seem to have come down with something this week. Lots of wheezing, coughing, mucus. I should call the doctor to get something for it besides the OTC stuff I have been taking.
    I trust that the coat will fit.
    While I was under the weather this weekend I did get to dress both days. We seem to have an understanding that if I do the cooking I can do it in girl mode. Saturday I made 16 bean soup while wearing a blue and grey flowered dress, black pantyhose and black suede look pumps. Sunday I made a great chicken stew while wearing a brown tint paisley dress, nude hose and nude heels. The heels were peep toe and gave a nice look to my painted toes. My toes have been painted for over a month and she has still not mentioned the.
    She did like both dresses, particularly the brown paisley dress. She mentioned that she thinks that there are better dress options available in plus sizes and while I do not think she really likes the idea of her husband in a dress she does like my taste in dresses. Sunday I went the full boat with makeup, wig and jewelry.

    1. Hi Pat,

      We may be feeling better...but not getting our hopes up yet! Yes, a visit to the Dr. probably is in order for you. I had a few visits...but I was the one in worse shape.

      We'll see on the's not here yet!

      Wow, it sounds like you are making some progress at home! But the basic issue sounds's OK for some other male, but unfortunately "Not My Husband" syndrome kicks in occasionally!

      Good job on the painted toes for a month. If I do anything except the mild pink I wear, there are usually comments (not favorable!)

      So I have to settle for all this while traveling...

      Here's hoping for a busy summer of traveling!