Monday, August 3, 2015

On the road again!

Sorry this has been so sort of got in the way of timeliness...

Another day of errands on the other side...recently-reduced bridge tolls and a car that gets great gas mileage makes it less costly to do these things on the other side of the bridge.  It's nice to live out in here in the cornfields, but I do miss having things reasonably close at hand.

This excursion started out as a trip to take my desktop to the repair station for a warranty issue and someplace for a refill of MAC Concealer, followed by a stop at a big box store, a quick lunch, and a couple of other minor stops.  I was dressed in my denim skort and the new black blouse which I found on line, with my sandals.   And full makeup, jewelry, and so on.


When I took the computer into the store, the clerk (20something male) greeted me as a female.  We talked about the problem, and he wrote up a report of the issue.  I didn't think much about it as he was writing.  But he continued with the appropriate "Ma'am's" verbally, and so on.  I had to leave the computer there for the tech to work on, and he gave me a copy of the report as proof that they had my computer.  But I didn't read it, other than to note that the computer and name info were correct.

Segue to when I got home after the excursion, and I looked at the paper more closely...   Yes, everything was right...including my being listed as "she" all through the report!  Oh My Gosh!   That was fantastic!  (And that report is a wonderful memento of my day!)

Back to the present: Next stop, the makeup store.  A 20something female clerk greeted me appropriately, with "may I help you, Ma'am?"  I inquired whether they had any of "this" (and  presented the empty concealer container).  Of course they did, and I said " I can continue to do my makeup!"  As she made change for me and got a bag for my purchase, she laughed and said "We'd be lost without being able to paint our faces, wouldn't we, sweetie?"  I said "You're right...on the days I don't have to wear any makeup, I miss having to re-apply my lipstick and powder my nose."  (A true statement. I find I enjoy wearing it.) 

"Have you considered some really good long-lasting lipstick, dear?  It doesn't rub off on your clothes, a water glass, or most importantly (as her eyes glanced down at my hands and nails) your better half."    I felt my cheeks get really warm, as I replied "That's a wonderful idea, hon.   I'll be needing a refill of other makeup soon, and then you can help me find the right color!"  We girl-talked for a few more seconds, till another customer appeared...and she had to get back to work.

At the big box store, I was addressed as Ma'am by a couple staffers, and gender-specific greetings were omitted by a couple others.  There were no issues with my femininity at the minor stops I needed to make.  But at no time today, or in my previous excursions, did I hear the dreaded "S" word.  I recognize that the issue "comes and goes." 

It's been nice to seemingly be accepted as a "member of the other team" for these few days!  And I hope it continues...

More later...



  1. Mandy
    If you have any more similar days to report about you may consider naming that post "The ultimate power of the skirt". In this post you seem to have achieved 100% recognition in being referred to as a woman rather than with the "S" word. You have been out and about before with that top (or a similar one) along with sandals, your hair, some jewelry and makeup and, of course, visible pantyhose but this day you were in your skirt/skort the entire day and by wearing the skirt/skort no one called you by a man's title.
    Coincidence...I don't think so. By presenting in a skirt/skort, even if the folks you encounter realize that you are a man or if they are not entirely sure of your gender they will match their nomenclature to acknowledge the skirt.

    1. The blouse shown above is a new one, found on line with a coupon for under $8 plus shipping. Turns out, it fits better than the one I picked up at the thrift shop, which I still have, and plan to keep.

      Yes, I have more good reports to post. Another will appear tonight.

      But I recognize that this "S" word issue "comes and goes." Right now it's gone. Most likely when I can't do full makeup and put on jewelry/skirts at home, my presentation won't be as good. And the dreaded "S" word will be back on occasion. I'll have to deal with it when it happens. But I now know that when I'm out and about on my own, my chances of avoiding the "S" word are much better.

      Too bad this autumn isn't shaping up to have a lot of opportunities for Mandy to appear! No antique show this year. So, I'll have to cherish the memories of the last few weeks! (And there are lots to cherish!)

      Yes, women and their clothes do seem to have a bit of power that men don't possess. Many times, I don't have to open doors for myself if there are men around, and on occasion, younger women have held the door for me. Must be that I look like an old woman...and I guess the reality is: I am...



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