Monday, August 10, 2015

Fun's over - now back to "normal."

When I picked up my wife at the station after she returned from her trip, it was late enough that, had we chosen to head home, we would have encountered stop-and-go freeway rush-hour traffic.  Lots of it.  So we stopped for dinner at a nearby beanery, to escape being involved in the "parking lots" that all main roads had become.

I was wearing my women's pastel blue tank top and white shorts (with a 3 inch inseam), with my white single-band slingback sandals, necklace (no other jewelry), and carrying my purse.  I'd recently washed my hair and needed several bobby pins in it to keep it out of my eyes while driving, and was wearing only light makeup over a fresh shave.   As I had guessed, we were addressed as 'ladies" the entire time we were at the restaurant.  Any suspicions my waitress may have had regarding my truly being female were dismissed at check-out, when the clerk saw my "now-female" given name on my credit card.  (Really gotta thank my folks for that bit of assistance they unknowingly gave me "way back in the day...")

We managed to linger over dinner for an hour and a half, long enough for most of the rush hour traffic to dissipate.  Thus, the Bay Bridge, and the rest of the drive home,  were both relatively incident-free.  And it sure was good to hear human voices in our house...that's recently been sadly lacking.

My wife seemed to enjoy the flowers which were waiting for her.
Life should get back to normal now...whatever that is.

I'll leave you with this picture, of a picturesque restored one-room schoolhouse, on a rural two-lane road in Talbot County.  The light was nearly perfect, but there was no place to park (automobiles were scarce back in those days!)  So, with camera at the ready, and my car's 4-way flashers warning the non-existent oncoming traffic, I paused in front of it for a few seconds to get a grab shot.

 My plan obviously worked!  Enjoy...



  1. A woman's pastel tank top with short shorts, sling backs, hair pinned up, neckalce and does not get much more femme than that. Glad your wife's tolerance is in tack after her trip.

    Good touch with the flowers.

    We were away this weekend and my wife in error took a new mascara that she bought in error and when she went to return it Amazon told her to keep it for free. She did not like the blue color of the mascar since she has blond lashes and the blue mascara actually clashed with her blue eyes. She gave me the mascara since it is not as noticable on my dark lashes. It is little gestures like that that mean so much to me.

    1. I agree on the far so good.

      It's nice that your wife gives you some of the little things like that. Makes for unexpected fun!