Saturday, August 1, 2015

I can't seem to get ahead...publishing posts!

There are several partially finished posts about the past few days' events,  awaiting a bit more attention before publishing.  But things keep happening so fast that quick updates like this occasionally become necessary.

Unfortunately without pictures!

Yesterday I ducked across the bridge to the computer shop, and they know me as female (helped in no small part because of my feminine given name).  So, today I dressed the part - a skirt with a pair of street shorts underneath, and my black blouse, with pantyhose and a pair of flats.   Complete with makeup and jewelry (including Mom's earrings.)  And afterward, made a stop at the cleaner, to pick up some things.  From there, I removed my skirt and earrings, and went to Mom's so we could have lunch together - at a table for four, with two other women.

Now, as long as I'm not in a skirt, Mom's OK with pretty much anything I wear.   We were sitting there waiting for servers to bring our meals, and the one girl commented - "Beautiful necklace.'  I said "Thanks" and omitted the fact it was Mom's because the most recent time that issue was mentioned in front of her, she became somewhat agitated.   No point going there again...  However, the girl added "and a cute matching bracelet.  Must be expensive."  I replied "No, just old."   "You wear them well...   Let me see something" and she asked me to turn my head (which I did for her.)   "When are you going to get your ears pierced?  With that beautiful hair, you really should be wearing earrings every day." And the other girl agreed.

Up to that point Mom hadn't paid any attention to what was being said, but now she got more attentive.  I noticed that "look" and laughed, saying "I don't plan to get any holes punched in my body right now.  But maybe sometime in the future.   It would be fun to not have to mess with clips any more."  Then Mom chimed in, trying to make a point that people will look at me funny if I wear earrings, and think things that aren't good.  But her logic was off the mark, and her point didn't come across.   The other girl just said "Oh, OK."  And from there, we all let it drop, turning to other subjects.

The girls made their point, and they sure seem to know the score...


  1. Mandy
    I think that the title of this post may be a partial misnomer. I am sure that you meant to let us know that you are way behind in your bolg composition and posting and that things have been happening during your wife's hiatus that do merit discussion BUT from what I can tell you are not only keeping up you are forging ahead nicely with getting Mandy out into the world on your terms and in a way that is both satisfying and fulfilling and safe.

    Your foray with a skirt and pantyhose along with makeup and jewelry seemed perfect. Your toning it down a notch for your visit with your mother also worked out fine. Like you said, more and more people that you encounter are learing to appreciate you on your terms and that is major progress forward.


    1. Pat,

      You're so right, my bad (writing.) When I publish them, I think you'll agree that serious progress has been made the past few weeks in my presentation and acceptance. I've modified the title of this clarify.

      Thanks for pointing that out!