Sunday, July 26, 2015

What did Della Wear, boys?

Thursday was so perfect weather-wise, that it would have been a shame to "not" hit the road.  There were a couple of errands to run, in addition to visiting my friendly jeweler about the earring repair.  But first, what to wear?  Since part of my trip was to Delaware,  with apologies to Perry Como (the singer of "What did Della Wear, boys?" from the '60's)  I was Della for the day! 

One minor pre-departure irritation occurred, however.  Since nobody else was home, I was on duty to deal with an appliance serviceman previously scheduled for today.  Good thing I was in androgynous mode early, as he arrived at about 7:30 - scheduled for 8:30.  His work was completed and he was gone by 8:45, so I was able to move into "Della" mode earlier than I thought initially.

With the temperature forecast to be moderate, I didn't need to wear the tan tiered skirt for comfort.  So, instead I chose the denim skort my seamstress altered for me...her adjustments helped it to fit much better.  And being a skort, it minimizes the chance of lost modesty if I should move or sit "incorrectly."  But what to wear with it?  Well, instead of "she wore a New Jersey" like in the song, I chose my new black blouse, the one which has a bit of a fit problem.  It actually didn't look so bad when paired with my skort.  Thus, until I find a better-fitting blouse, I may just keep it and limit when it gets worn,  to "only with certain outfits."

What girl doesn't wear sandals in the summertime?  Like on all my summertime excursions, probably 80% of us girls were in some style of open summer footwear (many of us sporting pretty pedicures).  Most of the rest were in sneakers.   Only a few girls wore ballerina flats of some sort, and they may have been going to, or coming from, work.  I chose to wear sandals like the other girls, to avoid "standing out in a crowd."   Once again, no need to even bring any closed shoes along.

In regard to my reception at the various stores:  they've seen me before at the jewelry store (which is in a nearby town) and were friendly, but polite enough to "not" use the dreaded "S" word (or Ma'am either.)   I mentioned that they were my mother's earrings, and I wanted to have them repaired so I could start wearing them .  Then I pushed aside my hair for a second to hold one up to my ear, (which already had an earring in place.)  The clerk then took it a step further, reached over the counter, rearranged my hair on that side, removed my existing earring and commented how unusual it is to not have pierced ears, then deftly installed Mom's dangly earring (chandelier style???) on my ear, reaffirming how nice I'll look wearing them.  The other clerk and her customer looked up at me, and both commented to each other some version of "She should enjoy wearing those, they're very pretty! It's wonderful that she honors her mother that way."  Now I just hope the jeweler can do something with them...for under $20, the limit I gave them, because they're just costume jewelry.

At the big box store,  I didn't notice any kids staring at me (and there were plenty of kids), or adults doing double-takes.  Looking at some reflections in glass doors and displays works wonders for seeing "behind my back" responses, and there were none - I was just another woman out doing her shopping.  There was only one real human the checkout aisle.  And there, no problems either - just "neither Sir nor Ma'am were used."   That's OK by me...and much preferable to "Sir."   I'd rather that folks instead "choose to not choose" what label fits me.

Then it was a drive around in nearby Dover, DE.  Having only been to the Air Force Base previously, it's interesting to see that there is more to town than that.  And it might be a good destination for sightseeing in the future.

On the way home, I drove past the little (and I DO mean "little") former PRR train station in Sudlersville, MD.  Yes, short freight trains still run through town on occasion (the tracks were very rusty, so not too often)  but the station is now a museum (closed that day), since there are no passenger trains.  At least the station survived and wasn't demolished...

Lastly, I was able to take a "miracle grab shot" out the car window, of a radial-engined biplane being used as a crop duster (similar to the one whose excessive over-spray almost blinded me while driving a couple of years ago.)  But I doubt it was this particular pilot...he or she was being careful, and I didn't even catch so much as a whiff of whatever chemicals that they were spraying. (Of course, whether it's even appropriate to be spraying chemicals into the air in the vicinity of humans is debatable, but I won't go into that discussion here.)

Ending another day's excursion on a positive note: as I left my home-town Post Office after picking up some supplies, (still wearing my skort and blouse) I noticed a woman walking down the street.  And lo and behold, she was wearing the exact same blouse as one of mine...and in my very town, to boot!  Wow...what a small world!

More later...



  1. It was another great outing.

    I am sure that you found the banter at the jewelry store affirming. It seems uniquely feminine for you to be wearing your mother's earings. I also think that it would be affirming if you were to wear some of her clothes and use other of her items. It is a form of your honoring your mother and of being careful to preserve her memory and some of her favorite things. It seems that the ladies in the jewelry store were acknowledging your femininity in honoring your mother by preserving her jewelry.

    I think that the top is fine and it goes well with the denim skirt/skort.


    1. Yes, such discussions are always so affirming...and enjoyable! However, as of today I still don't know if they'll be able to help by fixing the earrings.

      I just got a new black blouse in the mail, so I'll try wearing it with my skort today and see how it works out... And even if it does, I'll just keep the one from the charity shop, too! I can find room for both...


  2. As usual you look very much the natural woman Mandy :-) A great comfortable and casual look

    It sounds like you had a lovely day.

    It's sweet reading how you are trying to get your mother's jewelry repaired, it's obvious how much love and respect you have for her. My mother has sent down some jewelry to me recently, and I'd love to be able to wear it one day (I'm sure I will).

    Take care!

    1. Thanks for the compliment on my appearance! Looking the part makes a big difference...and can help make a good day turn fabulous.

      There are still more earrings to look over in Mom's collection, but the really good ones are few and far between. Maybe I can salvage one more pair. Part of the problem is that she wore "gold-tone" a lot, and all those have discolored over the years. And even so, I prefer silver (stainless, nickel-plated, etc.) Never have liked gold...

      We'll see how it goes...

      Does your mother know you dress? And is that why she sent it? If so, that's wonderful! I'm sure you'll soon be wearing your mom's jewelry... and look good doing it. Perhaps Miss will help you get started one of these days...soon!

      Be safe...


    2. No, my mom doesn't know I dress.

      She lives in a different state, and I'm actually going out to visit her for a few days in a few weeks.

      But I have actually thought about telling her, maybe on this trip, but who knows if I will.

      I feel like there is now so much positive media coverage for trans issues that I'm not worried how she would react, she's been "softened up" so to speak.

      But even without the help of positive press, my mother is a VERY liberal woman. Pro-individual/human rights, Anti-war, anti-nuke, anti-FBI/CIA/government/etc. She was a bit of a hippie.

      My only concern in telling here is I don't know if sh'ed keep it to herself, I wouldn't want my other family finding out.

      I'll let you know if I do tell her. I'd like to.

    3. Mine knows...perhaps even more than my wife does. But remember, if I show Mom some pictures, by the time I hit the parking lot after my visit, she's forgotten what she saw...

      I'll be anxious to hear whether you decide to tell your mom...please keep us advised.


      PS: I hope it becomes convenient for you to start wearing that jewelry of hers! You'll have fun with it!

    4. I hope that your mom's memory is good enough that she doesn't have to "re-discover" your femininity each visit - that would be terrible!

    5. Mom does know I wear dresses and skirts. And would prefer I didn't.

      But she never brings it up - I'm always the one to do that. So I think the functional disconnect between "the memory of" and "initiating a discussion about" the topic, is getting larger each day.

      Though she still doesn't have to re-learn each time, I'm afraid those days are yet to arrive.