Wednesday, July 15, 2015

One step at a time....

Last night, with my wife out of town, "how to dress tomorrow" for my visit to Mom at the nursing home was the topic du jour in my discussions with myself.  Wear one of my everyday outfits?   Shorts with a blouse?  Flats?   Heels?  Jewelry - yes or no?

Decisions, decisions...

This morning when I woke up, it was very clear to me:  go in shorts and a feminine blouse, with pantyhose and flats.  (I feel as though I still walk like a "guy in heels"... so I need much more practice.)  And also, I wanted to add one of Mom's necklaces, but no earrings or bracelets.   So, after my shower, I dressed as planned, with my pink floral blouse (it's tough to recognize that as anything but girly.)  Then I had second thoughts - when wearing it, my small boobs were noticeable from certain angles, and my eyes kept glancing at them in the mirror.  So I changed to an everyday top.  I kept picturing all sorts of calamities befalling me in that very feminine blouse!

But a few minutes after breakfast, I changed my mind again and got girly, including some light makeup.  Time was getting short to leave for Mom's place, so I switched back to my regular top, concerned that someone in the neighborhood might see me.  But I looked in the mirror, disappointed in my lack of "girliness."  At the very last minute, I changed my mind once again (changing her mind is a woman's prerogative, right?), put the pink blouse back on, gathered my things and left.  (Once I'm on the road, changing is out of the question, since I don't have anything to change into.)

None of the neighbors saw me - that I know of.  It was a non-event.  And I stopped in at the Post Office in Mom's town - nobody flinched at a woman mailing letters, several ladies smiled as they said "good morning," and the postal clerk at the window happily sold Mandy stamps, addressing me as a female.  No issues at the Bank or Nursing fact, I didn't notice anyone staring, nor did anyone say anything.  Including Mom...  It was wonderful, even though the lady at the nursing home who had commented on my legs wasn't there (or was behind closed doors, as usual!)

When I got home, I considered driving on by - that nosy neighbor's garage door had just opened and he walked out, heading for the cluster box near our place.   Instead of driving away, I pulled my car into the garage, and casually said "hi" from inside, as usual.  Then he stopped and said that he needed to ask me something.  I quickly contemplated how I could hide my legs,  resigned myself to the fact that there was absolutely nothing I could do about them, and said to myself "well, here IT comes...  whatever IT is!"  So,  I "came out" from the safety of the garage's darkness into the sunlight to floral blouse, shaved legs and big black necklace plainly visible in the sun.

Instead of a dark cloud dropping on my head, he asked me if I wanted to go out and have some beers with the boys tonight. (The first time I've ever been asked since we've lived in the neighborhood.)   My relief was instant, and I apologized, but told him honestly that neither my wife nor I drink, so I probably wouldn't be good company if I tried it.   He laughed and said "more power to you for resisting the lure of the bottle." Then:  "If you change your mind, you're welcome to come along..."  Eye contact proved he didn't glance down at anything below my head, though he would have had a good chance to notice my outfit as I walked out of the garage.

All this happened as I'm talking to him while wearing nothing but women's clothes... from my toes to the top.   My girly pink floral blouse seemed a non-issue with him.   Is my male identity that well-established among the men in the neighborhood?  I didn't think so...  (Perhaps it's not as much with the women, but that's OK with me.)

However,  I'm here to tell you that I certainly was happy that I hadn't chosen to wear a skirt and heels instead!!!!  That might have been a bit "over the top" and caused a reaction.   Before you ask:  I'm still contemplating wearing one at least one day during my wife's absence, but will drive on by (like I forgot to pick up something at the store) if any neighbors are outside when I come home.

Here's a picture of the outfit I wore today (well, except flats instead of mary janes - but mary janes look better, and I got another 5 hours of practice in them today!)

Dressed this way, Mandy has LEGS!  (And as she realized when talking to the neighbor outside today, there's no possible way to hide them.)  I simply love these shorts...whether with flats or MJ's, they're almost as much fun to wear as I imagine a mini-skirt would be, without risking lost modesty!

More later,



  1. That is a very nice outfit and I am glad that it stirred up no issues with any of the folks you encountered that day.

    I would suggest that the next time you go out in that outfit that you take a skirt that you can easily slip on and off over the shorts and that you bring your black heeled pumps since they can be easily switched to flats. I like driving in skirt hose and heels and there is something nice about getting in and out of a car wearing heels.

    1. I, too, love the outfit. It really feels super-feminine.

      Good suggestion - I will try that in the next week or so, as I have several things to do "across the bridge". And I want to finish those errands before my wife returns home, so we will have more time together when she gets here.


  2. Mandy -

    I've gone out drinking with the guys (in boy mode) and have made it a point to drink soda (usually seltzer with lime). It's the act of social drinking, and not the content of the drink that's important - except to alcoholics.

    Last night, I went with the gals (in female mode) who belong to a woman's meetup group I belong to, and we went to see Magic Mike XXL. (You;ll read about the trip in my blog next week.) Afterwards we went for a drink next door. It was fun seeing the gals get rowdy, and sharing it with them.....


    1. Marian,

      Interesting concept (substituting non-alcoholic drinks.) To keep from drinking, it would work fine. Sort of like "the designated driver" concept.

      But I don't know how good a time I'd have, particularly as they imbibe several rounds of alcohol and start to get loud (you know how guys - or gals - who have consumed "tee many martoonis" can get...) That's the time someone will ask about my purse, my nails, the top which buttons the "wrong" way - or about the fact that my shoes look like women's ballet flats (because they are.)

      The guys have been quite tolerant...thus far. I really don't want that to change.

      Though I get along well with the ladies, and my wife and I occasionally sit with the other girls at social events, I haven't been invited to any hen parties. Though it would be fun, I'm sure my wife would have her say about it. And, we both know what the gist of the conversation would be.

      Maybe someday, just not right now...