Thursday, July 23, 2015


In a response to an earlier post, I commented that my mother has a lot of long-unworn, clip-on style costume earrings (most of which are gold-plated base metal and have tarnished/discolored badly.  (She was big on gold - I'm a silver girl.)  But a few of them had a funny "screw-type" attachment on the back.  Pat suggested that I revisit her earring box, to see if there were any with screw-on clips that I could wear, because they might be more comfortable.

I found the following pair, which is in good shape except for 3 missing tiny fake diamond chips in one earring, leaving little black spots which are unfortunately quite visible.   And after I figured out the correct hand movements to place and attach them (seems more complicated than clip-ons), I found that Pat was spot-on.  As long as they're tight enough to not slip off when I rearrange my hair, they're more comfortable to wear. 

I absolutely love the sexy feeling of the dangly attachment swinging with my head movements - that's something men never get to experience.  It's delicious - even better than chocolate cake!

Now I just have to see if a jeweler can add some cheap fake diamond chips to cover the black spots, at a reasonable price.  I'd gamble $20 on it.  If not, a drop of shiny aluminum paint from my antique car repair tool box should disguise the problem nicely - since my hair covers my ears most of the time.  (Hmmmm....fix earrings with antique car supplies?  Nice!)

I'm going to make the run Thursday.   Wish me luck...

Also, thanks for the suggestion, Pat!


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