Sunday, November 20, 2016

Epilogue...for my "pink fog" weekend.

The morning after the show, at the new hotel, something woke me up early.

A glance out the window brought sunrise into focus.  Mother Nature provided a magnificent "pink-orange with few high clouds" display in the eastern sky,  a very appropriate "book-end" on my weekend of "pink fog."   With plenty of time before I had to check out and start my morning,  I took the time to document it digitally.

With sunrise over, thoughts turned to "what to wear today."   Skirts - long OR short - weren't in the picture that day.  I would be too close to home, and in an area frequented by casual shoppers from our area.  Plus, the cornfields (for "cornfield changes") have all been harvested!   I settled on jean capris, pantyhose, turtleneck tunic, and flats, with lipstick, light makeup and some easily removable jewelry.   Below is a picture of the day's outfit, taken later in the day, against a background of muted fall colors on the western side of Chesapeake Bay...

This turned out to be a great choice!   When I appeared at the hotel's front desk to check out (with suitcase and other baggage in tow), the male clerk didn't hesitate a moment about my gender.   I was immediately addressed as female, and we even had a bit of lively conversation about the weather and traveling.  It all seemed so natural and appropriate to assume the female role in a situation like this.    I spoke a bit lighter, and with a bit higher pitch, than normal, but if I forced it higher yet, my voice would crack and I'd cough.  What I did seemed to work with this guy.   Note to works, so keep doing it!

Got everything stuffed back in the car (it was FULL again) and headed for some errands on the way home.  One was to check on some items being sold for me by a third party.  Off came the jewelry, but I still was wearing makeup and the outfit in the picture...very feminine.  The female proprietor knows me as male and addressed me that way despite my feminine outfit and presentation.

At the big-box store, I had trouble with their self-service register, so a female clerk came over to help.  Again, no question as to my gender.  She addressed me as female.  As did the checker on the way out the door...nice!   And I love hearing "Have a wonderful day, Miss (enter my given name here, which is now used by girls.)"

Then it was off to the mall.   As usual, I had to walk the mall's center aisle to get to the stores I wanted.   Unfortunately I had to pass a kiosk with two aggressive male clerks double-teaming all the women (translation: overt flattery),  trying to get to talk to them about their potions.   They both obviously believed I was a woman, so it was my turn to enjoy(?) their attention.

"You look lovely, Miss - here's a free sample of our product. " "No thanks, Sirs" in my slightly-modified voice.  And I kept walking.  One of them said "Oh please, Miss, don't break my heart...just give this a try and you'll be even more beautiful."  "Thanks, sir, but no thanks."  And I kept walking as they were babbling away.  Finally out of earshot of those guys, who by then had given up on me and started to target the other girls, I arrived at the computer store, to buy a cheap accessory.   Again, I was identified as female by the male clerk, and he helped me find what I needed.

Now to head for the shoe store...

My recent luck has been good with a certain brand of women's shoes (and they aren't cheap.)  So when I got a coupon for 25% off, I figured I'd stop in and see if they fit.  "Would you like for me to measure your feet just to be sure you get the right size?"  To myself, I thought "Oh, my - he'll see my painted toes.  But why not?  I'm a woman, and I'm wearing pantyhose..."  He picked up the Brannock device and confirmed my size.  I told him what I was interested in trying on.  He went into the back, and after a few minutes, the short version of his story was "Ma'am, you'll need to order on line, as we don't have your size in stock.  But they will honor the coupon."   Daggonit, I was hoping to take home a new pair of shoes.

"OK, thanks Sir.  But...(and I summoned up some courage) can I try on a pair of these?"  I held up a pair of elegant pointy toe shoes, with about 4" heels...something I've never worn before.   They surprisingly had a pair in stock, so he had me sit down to attend to me. (That was another new experience - sitting in a chair at the shoe store, having the salesman fit me with a pretty pair of sky-high heels.)  He told me that they were very stylish, adding that  "they really dress up your capri outfit, and would look beautiful with skirts and dresses.  I can put your flats in the box if you'd like to wear these home." Then he added,  "You'll be Belle of the Ball in an evening gown with these heels!"   (Oh, my - don't I wish I could?)

I thought they looked fabulous, and made me feel even more feminine, if that's possible.  (That pink fog was really obscuring everything...)  But when I stood up,  I knew they weren't going to work...being a bit wobbly was bad enough,, but walking with my toes cramped in them made me long for my Mary Jane heels.   So I told him "I just love the looks, but they're not comfortable...I'm unaccustomed to heels this high, so I think I'll stick with the flats I'll order on line..."   He offered to put me in some lower heels, but I point in wasting his time, since there were other women shopping.  (None that I noticed were staring as I modeled the heels...a big surprise.)

Well, now that my shoe shopping was complete, the only way back to the car was - you guessed it - past those two aggressive kiosk peddlers.  Every girl's least favorite people.  And right on schedule, the banter started again..."Hey pretty lady, you're back...can I give you a free sample?"  The other said "We don't give up on you, do we?"  I stopped walking and said "No you don't sweetie, but I give you a consistent answer every time - No Thank You!"  "Won't you please reconsider?"  "Sorry boys, not today, maybe some other time.  This girl's got places to go. Bye now!"  "We'll cry, honey..."  "Sorry, sweetie, I'm fresh out of tissues...see ya later, boys!" I looked at them and smiled, winked, and off I walked...    (After the fact, I couldn't believe I was that bold!  I guess there really must be a girl within...)

The one peddler overdid it so much, that it makes me wonder:  could he have been flirting with me?   Am I off-base there?  Perhaps I was even beginning to respond like a woman playing "hard to get"?    Or maybe he thought he recognized my true gender and was simply disguising his "hate?"  Don't know, don't care.  I loved the attention...and I wasn't even wearing a skirt.   It actually was kinda fun!

Once back out in the car, that heavy pink fog (which had thickened significantly during this trip, and even more so during my visit to the mall) finally began to dissipate...   Now that my weekend was over, off came the jewelry, and a makeup removal towel removed my lipstick and makeup.   Time to go home...and stuff Mandy back in the suitcase.  She won't be seeing the full light of day again for quite some time.


This wonderful weekend was almost "advance compensation" for the upcoming long wait for "next time" whole experience was fabulous.    But meanwhile, thank heavens for androgyny!



PS the flats are now on order, and I got the discount, plus free shipping...will post a pic soon.


  1. Mandy
    It really seems like you had a great few days and the final day heading home was special. Too bad the high heels were a bit much. I would have bought them just to have them around to practice walking in them. I think you should have taken the salesman's offer to try on other heels. From his point of view a customer wearing pantyhose with nicely painted toes is a good prospect for the sale of high heels.

    I had a nice weekend as well. By now my wife is accustomed to my wearing panties and pantyhose under my guy clothes and around the house. We went to an oldies concert Saturday. I had on black pantyhose with no socks and she could readily see my hose above my shoes. I also wore a slip and bra with my cutlet falsies in my bra. I also put on some light foundation, mascara, light eye shadow, light rouge and light lipstick. No mention of any of my attire was made.

    Sunday was cold so I decided to make a big soup. After getting back from shopping I had to presoak the beans and I then went to transform. After a shower, shave, etc. I put on the black hose, black slip and bra and black suede 3" pumps. I did a more dramatic makeup job with heavier applications than the night before. I then put on a plum colored sheath dress and wig before I came back to the task of cutting the veggies and making the soup. We passed the afternoon and dinner as if it were any other dull Sunday. We actually had phone calls from our two kids and also from my brother and I took the calls dressed as noted above.
    The plum dress was lightweight and sleeveless. After dinner I started to get chilly and told her the dress was not warm enough. I then went and changed into a black skirt and an orange mock turtleneck sweater. Several years ago she bought several identical sweaters in different colors. She decided she did not like the way the fit. They were knit with stretchable material. I offered to help stretch them out. Eventually she told me that I could have the sweaters and last night I wore one of them with my black skirt, hose and heels. I actually ended up falling asleep watching TV while so attired and woke that way for breakfast this morning (the heels came off for sleeping).

    It is a nice feeling to carry over into the work week.


    1. Pat,

      At the shoe store, I feel I made a good decision to "not" pursue "lower" high heels. This for two reasons: First, if they had brought me some lower heels in my size, and a pair really did fit, I'd have undoubtedly bought them. The end result of that would be that I'd have been forced to decide which others of in my three-pair hidden wardrobe of heels to dispose of, as I have very limited space.

      Second, I was on what looked and felt like a major winning streak at blending in with the other women at the mall. That old saying "familiarity breeds contempt" rang in my mind, and I decided to leave on a high note, as opposed to staying and being "noticeably clocked." I'll go back to that brand of shoe store one day, at another location farther from home, and in a skirt, to try on some more heels.

      I agree that lower heels would work better than 4-inchers. But I recognized that it was my golden chance to experience having CFM heels put on me by an attentive salesman. That's definitely a better experience than trying to nonchalantly slip into them at Payless. My Mary Jane heels are about 2-1/2" and I'm fine with them. I can walk reasonably in them, and go anywhere. But I feel that my objectives for the visit were more than met, even with my short visit.

      Sounds like you had a great weekend, too! That's wonderful... It's good that your wife accepts the feminine parts of your wardrobe, even if it's only in private or under your male attire.

      Now the objective will probably be to get her to let you wear some of it when out in public (on vacation away from home, so nobody you know will see you.) And that is a really tough step to accomplish.

      I still haven't reached that point. Thus Mandy's skirts stay packed away, for times when she is alone. At least my wife's fine with my fully androgynous presentation.

      Maybe someday...

      Happy Thanksgiving!


    2. You are right that the long term objective is to get out and about while dressed. In January we will be doing the Auto Train and I hope to at least get some in cabin dressed time.

      I thought I would share one means of wearing heels at home. I am a big guy who has had a bad back for a long time. I find that wearing heels changes the curvature of my spine and eases pressure on my low back.

      From time to time I also suffer from heel spurs (plantar Fasciitis). Usually it resolves after a few weeks but on occasion I need a cortisone shot. I have had bad heel pain for several weeks and the cortisone shot did not give much relief. The podiatrist, however, said I needed a higher heel than my usual male shoes. I have not determined that wearing 2-3" heels really helps with my heel spur pain. Last night I mentioned that wearing heels most of Sunday gave me good relief so last night I wore them again. I was fine cleaning up after dinner wearing hose, heels and a nightgown.
      Baby steps.

    3. I've already broached the subject of my clogs (with a 1 inch platform and 2 inch heel) are very comfortable. And clogs are OK. Your idea is good, and I may be able to push that envelope a bit...if I can find the right flats with 1-1/2 inch heels...

      I hope you can get some "in-cabin" femme time on the Auto Train. I can understand your wife's hesitation, but on a train it's easy to remain anonymous...probably one of the best places to be femme in public. Nobody cares...there are no bathroom issues, and other than on the one train we ride once or twice a year, I don't hesitate to be femme when alone.

      Of course, androgyny lets me ride even that train and mostly be seen as female. I'm OK with that!


    4. Last night she had some heavy root veggies that she needed cubed (rutabaga, butternut squash, sweet potato, etc.) After dinner and shower I donned my hose and heels, blue denim skirt, bra, forms and slip with a blue top and did my peeling and dicing. I am now sure that the heels help my heel spurs.
      Have a great Thanksgiving.

    5. That's great that heels help. It may be worth a try on this end at some point...

      Happy Turkey Day!


  2. Hi Mandy,

    Reading this I was worried those aggressive guys in the mall might have turned negative towards you. But you handled it so well, and I loved reading how you handled them!

    You shoe store visit was really fun to read too. You sure had some very persistent (high pressure?) sales types to deal with! You should try some low heel shoes to start, I think a lot of what you wear would look good with them.



    1. Hi Jen,

      You're right about the low(er) heels...they would be easier to wear. I think you're right about them looking good with my typical wardrobe. I just have very limited storage for girlie shoes, and would have to decide which existing pair gets purged if I buy lower heels. And purging my MJ heels is not an option!

      Amazing how some days I feel good about my own presentation, and other days, not so much. I felt I was "on a roll" that day and was thankful for so many experiences to deal with.

      Bright side is: now, with an alternate way into the mall, I can pass the aggressive peddlers, or not, depending on how I view my presentation...and how much attention I want to get!

      Be safe, and Happy Turkey Day!