Sunday, July 8, 2018

Interesting quickie...

Since returning home from our trip, I've been in androgynous mode.   But there are always some interesting occurrences at times like that.

For instance, on the first relatively cool day after the heat wave broke (temporarily), I put my daily walking into high gear, to try to keep from gaining any weight.  I stopped at a city park in a nearby town as I was passing through, to do a quick mile-and-a-half of walking on their gravel "oval walking track." 

I was wearing tan shorts and a red tunic, my black clogs with bare legs, and carried only my phone and car key.  No makeup, no earrings, just my necklace and bracelet.  I was not the only walker.  There were a couple of other women out walking, too.  In the infield, a couple of local soccer teams (all boys) were apparently playing a game, but their game was close to one side of the track.

As I walked by on the "close" side, I peered to one side through my Foster Grants, to see if I was attracting any attention.  None noted.  Except when the ball came my way and the boys zipped past to retrieve it.  "Sorry, Ma'am" was the only comment...I responded with "No problem.  Have fun, boys."  No fuss, no muss, no bother.  That's the way it should be.

And then at the tire store, where I am known as a guy, the S-word came into play.  I guess I can't have it all...especially since I haven't transitioned, and at this point, don't have any plan to do so.



  1. All in a day's events. It is nice that at first glance the innocent think of you as a woman whereas where you are known as a guy the go that way.

    1. So very true. And whenever it happens, it's always pleasant!


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