Sunday, September 25, 2016

Pedi quickie

You may recall that the cracked part of my left big toe nail I've been dealing with for some time "finally separated from the rest of the nail."  And though I badly needed a pedicure when it happened, I waited a while, to get my next pedicure.

Until now.

I dropped in at the nail salon, and the techs were glad to see me.  I showed them the problem and asked if they could "work around it."  The most experienced tech said "I can take care of it for you, Ma'am" and seated me in the pedi chair.   I asked for her help to match the remains of the color I was wearing, and she brought two bottles of polish to the chair.   Now, I didn't watch what they did...I figured it would be better to see the finished product.  And anyway, it was more fun watching a female customer at the nail station half way across the room, who was watching me.  You know the drill - hide and seek with the eyes.   I'm getting used to it.

The tech finished my pedicure, and painted my nails on that foot a deep red.   They were beautiful, and the repair on the big toe was excellent.  She said "red really disguises it well and is a great color on you, sweetie."  I loved my red toenails, but told her "I think I need to go with the tan."  "Let me paint the other foot, and see how you like it.  Then, if you still want tan, I'll change them for you."

So she did, and had the other nail techs give their opinion...  The lady who had been watching me also came over.   They all voted for red...unanimous.  The lady watching me thought they should also do my fingernails in matching red.  She said to me "Be bold, Miss.  Red is definitely your color.  Wear it proudly."  I guess I must have "passed!"

I knew red wouldn't work right now.   So with much sadness, the tech repainted them with tan. But with a promise of one day, doing some sort of color.

Now to figure out "when?"



  1. I completely understand the concept of dipping the toe in the water slowly. There are downsides to having things like red polish stand out too much and I can surmise that your wife will not like it too much.
    I am getting to that time of year when I think I can get away with color on my toe nails. I have a business trip coming up at the end of October where I will likely be in the presence of other business associates at a pool and I do not think that colored toe nails will work but shortly after that I plan a nice pedi. I can likely keep the color on my toes until we go to Florida in January. They will likely see color again as soon as we get back from Florida. That seems to be the tolerable cycle of me and toe nail polish.

    1. It's fortunate that you have developed a way to have a nice pedi with color - even if it's only for part of the year.

      Someday I'll find a way to enjoy it on one of my solo trips...


  2. I love red polish myself :-)

    My limiting factor for nail polish are my kids. During the school year I have them during the week so I basically have to keep my feet covered except for the weekends.

    In the summer my kids on weekends. If I wear polish during the week I take it off before they come back.

    But at least your wife is good with at least the less visible shades!



    1. I'm happy enough with the nail color I wear full time now...but that doesn't mean I wouldn't wear something more colorful on one of my excursions!

      And it's good that my wife tolerates it...