Thursday, February 20, 2014

Quickie - Across the bridge!

Had to trek across the bay bridge to the West Shore Monday... in my usual androgynous mode, with makeup and a smile on my face (good mood.)  At the auto club office, I was treated as a woman - by a young male clerk, who was very happy to help me.  This was a complete surprise, as typically females have been more accommodating to transgenders. That's a very pleasant thing, I might add...

At the sub shop, where I recently found acceptance as a female, there was a new crew.  That happens a lot in fast food...and is never a good thing.   The female sandwich maker was fine with my feminine appearance, and addressed me correctly.  However, the cashier (male, 20something, and rather rough-looking) used the "s-word."  Admittedly, I wasn't wearing a skirt, but I suspect he would have said the same thing if I had been.   

But I'll eventually be back there, and it'll be a different crew...

Since I was on the West Shore alone, I took addresses for two wig shops along, knowing that I would most likely have some free time.   Apparently the "great recession" has taken its toll on the beauty industry - both of them were boarded-up storefronts in deserted parts of their respective shopping centers.   Though I haven't had time to follow up on the one my stylist recommended, I sure hope it's still there...

Haven't decided on my attire for the dentist appointment.  Since I'm not ready to show up at the dentist's office in a skirt, I'll stick with a stirrups outfit, with matching patent flats and purse for that chore.  Afterward, it'll hopefully be easy enough to slip a skirt on, and remove my leggings in the car.  Add my Mary Jane heels and earrings, and Mandy is ready to go!  

Now if I can just make it happen...


  1. The more that folks get out and about either fully dressed or presenting in an androgeneous fashion the more the civilian population will come to accept that folks like us are just part of the landscape. I had two evening outings earlier this week to two different LGBT bars. I was nicely and neatly dressed both times in a skirt with a conservative top, blazer, evident makeup, pantyhose, 3" heels and wig. I had nice conversations with other bar stool spinners and made friends to the point that they all commented that "They GOT me" meaning that they understood that I am a regular hetero married guy who just likes to dress as a woman enjoy the safe haven afforded by the bar. These are the two places that I go to most often and I seem to be accepted...sort of a "Cheers" vibe.

    While in guy mode I do not present in an androgeneous fashion but I always have on pantyhose and often a bra and cami. More and more often I do not wear socks over my pantyhose so if anyone were paying attention they could observe my hose clad ankle. I think that this would be a big "tell" but I just do not think that people expect to see a guy exposing an ankle wearing hosiery and they just do not process that information. More and more often I an also wearing my chicken cutlets in my bra. So far as I can tell no one has picked up on the fact that I am wear a bra and cami under my shirt.

    I would think that if you presented as you described to your dentist, that he and the rest of the folks in his office would note your hair, nails and the pantyhose under you stirrups and not react any differently to you than the reaction that you regularly received when you visit your mother.


    1. You are correct - no problems at the dentist's office. Post to follow. i know the dentist and he knows both me and my wife. Likewise the dental hygienist, who told me he took special care not to splash me and ruin my makeup! He's cool...

      I'm amazed that you wear a bra often...that sounds fun but probably won't work for me at this point. First problem being - I need one that fits...don't have it. And I need forms. I had them, but hiding them at home was too risky, so they went away. Fortunately they were cheap ones.

      So, getting a bra (and a wig fitting) are the things on my to-do list...


    2. And, as I neglected to add to the earlier post, you are also correct that "the more often folks get out and about either fully dressed or presenting in an androgynous fashion, the more the civilian population will come to accept that folks like us are just part of the landscape." Yes, they WILL see me again!

      While my own part in this movement is small, each of us working together can help make a difference.