Monday, February 10, 2014

Foil Highlights for my hair...another first.

Do I look like I was having fun?

Let there be no doubt, I was having a fabulous  time in the pictures below...getting some foil highlights put in during my recent visit to the stylist!  My wife had earlier said she didn't care if I tried it, since it wasn't permanent. My stylist was ready, so I elected to "take the plunge."   It was an interesting experience to watch her make me look like the many females I've seen in the process of getting highlights over the years... 

Following are some pix of the finished product, which I basically happen to like....  These pictures are not too good, but you can "sort of" see some of the lighter and darker areas, with some lighter streaks.  Subdued, which was the stylist's intention...

And before you ask, in the "finished product pictures", I'm wearing one of my usual house dresses, at home.  This little red number is worn over a thermal top...we're into saving on the fuel bill.  Black tights and flats complete the outfit.


Alas, my wife didn't appreciate the lighter streaks and highlights - they're too feminine.  (What a surprise.) And she reminded me that if my hair were lots shorter, I wouldn't need to experiment with enhancements.  So they'll most likely get minimized once my next hair color is applied...  It's a good thing I didn't get my hair cut!   That's still much too risky.

Which is precisely why I had a discussion about wigs with the two stylists in the shop the day of my appointment.  They liked the pic of the bob wig for which Marian earlier provided a link (I brought a copy of the picture to the shop), and they thought it would look great on me.  But both reminded me of the substantial waves in my natural hair (straightened by heat in the pic above - and thus not visible), which wouldn't be in a normal bob wig.  Unless I plan to just wear the wig every day, instead of my natural hair every day (and I don't), their suggestion was for a something a little longer, with waves, which would be closer to what my real hair would look like if I cut it.

They figure my natural hair "should" be able to fit under a wig - but I may have to pull it up into triple pigtails and then pin it to the top of my head - there's too much hair for a small bun.  Best of all, they told me of a beauty supply shop about 25 miles away, where I could try on some wigs, to get ideas.  So that is now on my agenda...pushing thoughts of cutting my hair into the background until more research is done!

In my recent post about Punxsutawney, PA I mentioned that passenger operations on the rails through town are few and far between...  Below is a picture from October 14, 1979 of an excursion back in the day when the line was owned by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.  The first picture was taken just out of Punxsy, and approaching Riker Yard.  Tracks (and US Route 119) follow Mahoning Creek up the valley.  It was a long, full passenger train, and we (the passengers) had fun!

Below is a picture as the train passed through town...of the now-long-demolished passenger station.  (Notice the now-antique autos.)  It was a very pretty building...what a shame someone didn't put the Chamber of Commerce or police station in it, to keep a piece of railroad history alive...

It's hard to believe that was 35 years!  Time flies when you're having fun...


  1. Your hair looks great. It seems like you had a great day at the salon. I think I would like that as well. A month or so back both my wife and I had our hair cur at her salon. I just got the regular cut but the treatment you get ina beauty salon cannot be compared with the barbershop routine.

    My guess is that your will will soon get used to seeing the streaks and that this style will not become normal for her to look at and she will not see it as odd.

    I also think that a day in a wig salon could be a blast.

    1. Thanks for the kind words on my hair... Although they don't show up well in the pictures, they are there, I notice them, and the "jury is still out" on whether I like them enough to keep them. Getting them was fun. But it's a while till my next appointment so I have time to sort it out.

      If this weather would ever straighten out, I may be able to actually find some time to go to the wig shop. You are so right, girlfriend, that will be fun!