Thursday, December 19, 2013

Quickie - Nail Time and a holiday visitor...

Yesterday was another appointment for my acrylic fingernails to be filled.

Judy was pleased with the way they've grown since my last fill (at which she decided to shorten them - her decision.)  I really didn't object...because even the little she removed was enough to let me use my credit card at the gas station without a latex exam glove.  "But now,  just fills for you.  Your nails are finally getting long enough to look pretty." 


Overall now, 1" long.  The goal for least 1-1/4".  Only about 5/16" to go!

"You'll soon start noticing changes in the way you have to use your hands to do things.  But that happens to every woman with long nails, and you'll adapt too.   Meanwhile, I'll keep advancing you toward the goal of a minimum of 1-1/4" overall length, with up to 5/8" of clean, bright white on the tips.  Since your clothes don't have pockets to keep your hands in, you won't be able to hide your nails.  Even if you paint them all one color (bright red is your best color, in case you're interested), they're still going to be very long.   So, you're going to have ladies (and even a few men) make a fuss over them.  Everyone will agree that they look professional, attractive, and very feminine."

I didn't tell her that I'm already enjoying that benefit - many female cashiers have very positive comments, even when the wife and I are out-and-about together.  (Though the wife doesn't get manicures, she's been letting hers grow longer lately...can't imagine why???)  As my nails lengthen, and Judy makes my white ends proportionally bigger, comments should increase, which is fine with me.   I just hope any comments from guys happen when I'm alone - I tend to blush like a shy schoolgirl, and don't need that around the wife.

I wonder about that credit-card-in-the-gas-pump issue from a while back...will I eventually need to carry a needle-nose plier in my purse?   Maybe I'm going to need a bigger, not smaller, purse?  Speaking of purses, I'm in the market for a new one....and girls just love to shop!  Will post a pic when I get one...

Christmas is just around the corner.  The house is decorated, and the lights are lit.  Our son will be coming home for a visit most of next week.  We're looking forward to his stay, since it's been a once-or-twice-a-year thing for several years now due to his job...  (And yes, he knows about my androgynous style.)  We always have a good time when he comes home...even if there is a short list of things we need done (mostly computer-related.)

Happy Holidays to you all...



  1. your nails look lovely! definitely very feminine!

  2. Mandy
    Your nails look great. It is wonderful that you are able to manifest yourself in the ways that you do. It seems to me that your wife has become more and more accepting of you just being yourself.
    The weekend before last I went for a mani/pedi. I told my wife that I was going to have color put on my toes. She said it was not a good idea. The salon was crowded and there was a communication issue that I was having with the manicurist not speaking english so all I had done was clear polish on fingers and toes.
    This past weekend at home I colored my toenails a nice bright red. My wife has not said anything yet. I mostly wear shoes (either heels or girl flats) and always wear pantyhose around the house. I do not know if she has noticed the nails yet. She has had the opportunity to see them a few times and nothing has been said...not even a sideways I do not know if she has picked up on that as of yet.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  3. Thanks...

    I really enjoy having a manicurist who has taken charge of my nails, making sure they get - and stay - long and feminine. Although I don't know for sure, I suspect that if I asked her to shorten them to boy length, she'd simply fill them without trimming. (While she speaks a foreign tongue, she's good enough with English to not have a problem understanding...) If I comment, she'll most likely tell me that she knows what looks best on me, and then proceed to paint them bright red - like your toe nails! (Not that I'd complain...but I'd definitely be stuck explaining THAT to my wife. Not fun.)

    It's interesting that your wife didn't want you to have red toe nails. Not sure why. Maybe it had something to do with the salon being busy? At least you got some clear polish... And it's good that you were able to paint them red yourself...isn't it fun? She probably has noticed, but has just chosen to ignore it.

    My toe nails have been done in silver for quite a while now, and it's a non issue at home. Maybe it's time for me to push the envelope again...LOL!

    Thanks for the wonderful Holiday wishes...the same for you and your family.