Sunday, December 22, 2013

Quickie - Lunch out, and a Holiday Party

Happy Winter - though in Maryland, the temperatures in the upper 60's/low 70's Saturday belie the calendar date, and Sunday may be even warmer if the rain stays away!  No white Christmas here, they say!

At lunch Friday, we ate at a nice restaurant about 20 miles from home, which is often frequented by local ladies for their solo and group lunches. 

Of the 25 diners present, there were 4 men (including myself), and they were with their ladies   All the rest of the diners were female.  I was in androgynous mode, and was hoping to "not" receive a hearty "Sir-prise."   That particular hope was fully realized...nary a "Sir"was spoken.  However, both the hostess and server chose to omit "Sir" or "Ma'am" when dealing with both of us.   The server asked if we wanted one check or two,  took my order first, and at the end of the meal, put our check in-between us...all as though we were two ladies sharing a lunchtime.   It's the first time my wife, who was wearing what looked like men's slacks but otherwise  recognizable as female, wasn't addressed as "Ma'am." Very strange...though my wife said nothing about it.   If she noticed,  I may find out her opinion later...

But we probably won't be returning there...

As for my new purse, it works very well and was a good choice.  My wife told me that it looks comfortable and easy to carry, a good casual purse.  I look forward to many travels with it in the future...what more can I say?

A bunch of folks in our neighborhood pulled together a party at a local venue Saturday night, with a DJ who was spinning the real thing - old vinyl 45's of music from the 50's and 60's.   Most of us were of the age group to be able to enjoy it, and there was even dancing.  I can't begin to guess how many years it's been since we've been out dancing to 50's music...and it was a definitely a first, particularly for me in androgynous mode - shoulder-strap wallet purse, stirrup pants, tights, women's polo and my new flats.  Nobody gave my attire so much as a second ideal situation. 

At one point, the neighbor lady from a few doors down the street moved shoulder-to-shoulder with me, and we started singing some of the lyrics together.  This was in spite of the facts that:  it wasn't karaoke; we could only be heard for a few feet around us; and we didn't have the little screen with the bouncing ball to guide us.  We both knew the words, and didn't sound half bad least my wife and her husband didn't tell us to stop embarrassing them (or ourselves).   (Or maybe they both realized it would be futile?)

So the next time there's a karaoke night, N and I promised we'll be singing a duet...  If we end up making total fools of ourselves, at least we'll be doing it together! (And someone else can share the spotlight with me, since it'll be my first time.)  Chances are that everyone will be "feeling no pain" anyway, so it won't really matter.  And speaking of embarrassing themselves, last night some of the folks were in the process of doing exactly that, trying to do the limbo...  I stayed away from that circus!

But everyone definitely had a good time!

Our son will arrive home Monday for the holiday week,  thus you won't find me on line very much for a while.  Here's hoping that everyone has a Happy Holiday Season...


  1. Karaoke is fun. I have problems carrying a tune in basket but there is one LGBT friendly place that I have gone to that has a weekly karaoke night. I will often get up and do a song. Since I am always dressed as a presentable lady I will try to pick something with a theme. I have done Dylan's "Just Like a Woman", The Kink's "Lola", Johnny Cash's "Boy Named Sue", etc.

    One night I sang Seeger's "Turn the Page" and when I sat back down I asked the folks at the bar if they knew why I chose that song. None of the guys knew but there was a couple of girls nearby and one instantly pinged on the line from the song "is it a woman or a man". She then took out her Iphone and showed me a photo of a guy with close cropped hair and a small beard. SHe then said "That was me a few years ago". I nearly fell off my bar stool. She was in the bar with a girl she knew from High School that she had just remet. Small world and you never know what you will encounter.


    1. Pat,

      Wow, another girl like such an unexpected time. I bet you really were speechless! I know I would have been...

      I'm hoping the neighbors can set up something with karaoke in the near future. Since N is comfortable enough with me to join me in the spotlight, even with my androgynous (translation: feminine) appearance, I can't pass up the chance. Particularly since the plan appears to have my wife's blessing!

      Happy Holidays!



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