Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Vera Bradley?

An interesting week...all having to do with purses and sales...

Early in the week, wifey was going to visit a Kohls on the mainland, and since I need another purse, she suggested I go along...  We looked through the large selection and I picked out a couple for closer scrutiny.  Then while I checked then out, she went shopping for herself, finding a few things of interest.   One of them should work well for me, and she decided it would be fine for me to carry,  so she bought that as well.

When I got it home and began to transfer everything I need for travel into it, I found that some extra internal pockets for things like loose change, camera parts, and so on would be necessary.  So, what to do?  Return the large purse because it needed some extra internal storage pockets?  And keep hunting for something better, which may not exist?  Since carrying this purse will only be necessary on trips, there had to be a better way.   Little did I know that a rescue was imminent.

Wifey has had her eye on sales at the Vera Bradley outlet in Rehoboth Beach, DE for quite some time, and finally a good enough offer came through.  It was for 60% off, with an additional 20% off of the remaining cost.  For name brand purses (and accessories, she told me), that's a great discount.  I drove her there, and she invited me to come in with her.  She pointed out the little zippered pouches.  She picked out a couple for me, in the least feminine patterns available (still fairly feminine, though) and as it turned out when we got home, they do the job perfectly, meaning I'll be able keep the purse from Kohls!

Couldn't have done it without her...and her approval of the purse and accessories....that's a good thing!   But a question comes to mind:  "does that make me a Kohls girl?  Or a Vera Bradley girl?"  LOL!

Of course, we never go anywhere without a bit of sightseeing.  We noticed what appeared to be a "stuffed and mounted" old aircraft at a closed "Midway Park" along the road to the Vera Bradley store.   Of course I couldn't resist grabbing a few pictures!

And in positioning myself for those pictures, I noticed another display, at the nearby mini-golf course:  A volcano.  Time for a selfie!

The volcano wasn't erupting, of course.  Both the golf course and other attractions were closed.  But they are definitely classic examples of tacky roadside attractions one may find on the main roads leading to tourist haunts - such as Rehoboth Beach.

It was a very good road trip!



  1. It seems as if both of our wives are slowly becoming more accepting that we are who we are and that a lot of our good points are grounded in our gender issues.
    Saturday was a cooking day and I was nicely dressed in a black and red floral knit, knee length dress with beige pantyhose and purple pumps. That evening she needed something from CVS and I offered to get it. since I did not have a wig on and had not done my makeup I simple pulled on some slacks and put on a coat over my dress.

    Sunday I really turned out pretty good. Festive red dress with the same hose and heels. I did a good job on my makeup and had on a nice wig and costume jewelry.

    About 8 PM the wine bottle ran dry. It was a cold drizzly night and I offered to go out for more wine if she could find an open liquor store. She went on line and found one open until 10 PM.

    I touched up my makeup, put a black blazer on over my red dress and drove to the store. I perused the wine racks until I found a bottle we liked, bought it with no issues. There was one other customer in the store but I was treated like any other customer.

    It was a nice experience and even though she was worried it was pulled off without a hitch.

    Baby steps.

    1. Wow, great progress for you! That's wonderful! I hope it is the start of many more excursions in a dress!

      I think you're right, our wives are becoming more day at a time. And the more times they see "no issues" from "pushing the envelope in public"the easier it may become for them.