Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Happy Holidays...

To all of my readers (and commenters):  Best wishes for a Happy Holiday and a prosperous 2019!


  1. Buen Natale and a Happy and Healthy New Year. We take the auto train south on New Year's Eve. I have to start planning what to take with me. The guy stuff is easy...the girl stuff presents its own set of issues.

    1. Oh yes, indeed it does.

      In early 2020 the convention "one or both of us" typically attend will be held out west. My wife is already beating the drum for me to take her to her sister's in Chicago on the way out by train, and perhaps pick her up on the way back thru Chicago.

      With her traveling along and since I might meet someone from the convention after I drop her off, I will have to be very careful with Mandy's appearance for that trip, and will probably have to stick to my androgynous presentation. No skirts or dresses :-(