Saturday, December 1, 2018

All too soon, it was time to head north!

All too soon it was time to head for the next section of the trip, to the kids’ house in TN.   After loading the car, I checked out at the front desk…”Thanks for staying with us, Ma’am.  Have a nice day.”  My reply: “You too, hon!”   I’ll never know if she wondered about 2 women sleeping in the same bed…

This trip was rather uneventful…except for noticing a lot of tree damage along I-75 (presumably from Hurricane Michael.)

I was still dressed in stirrup pants, but now black tights instead of pantyhose, as the weather was cooler.   (And the ever-present danger of their many pets snagging delicate nylons with their claws!)  On several occasions when we were all out together, I was interpreted as female, but it was very casual and I don’t think the kids noticed.  Or if they did, nothing was said.

When we arrived at the kids’ house, we knew everyone.  So, the rest of the time, I was identified as male.

During our visit we went sightseeing in the Chattanooga area.   And had lunch at:

That’s right, the Mellow Mushroom.   It’s allegedly a chain, with an interesting title and a fascinating sign.  The food was tasty and reasonably priced, but service was a bit slow.   And afterward we took in some of the civil war battlefields in that historic area.   My presentation was such that I was seen as a male.  Amazing how that works one way in one area, and the opposite elsewhere.

On the way home, the evening motel clerk had no trouble identifying my male persona. But the morning clerk - and breakfast room staff - with me wearing the same outfit - all female.   Amazing how that can happen! 

Just off I-81 in Winchester, VA came this reminder that we're back in winter country:

Snowbanks from the several inch snow fall of 3 days previously.  Fortunately, the roads were clear - potholed but clear!  

And several hours later, our long but enjoyable visit was fully concluded, with us able to spend the first night in several weeks in our own home.   Traveling is fun...but now, home for a while.



  1. I am glad that you had such a pleasant and enjoyable trip. I like the idea of taking the Auto Train one way and driving back. When I fully retire we will take the scenic car route. I have one brother in Georgia just north or Atlanta and my other brother just took a job there although he lives up on Long Island. He has a house with his wife and my two nieces live on the island with an ever growing number of children. I have two cousins in South Carolina my wife has a cousin in Virginia, I have a cousin out in the mountains of western Maryland and my wife has another cousin on the Va./WVa. border. I also have ample friends scattered along various north south routes.

    It does seem that where ever you go you are treated nicely and with respect regardless of the manner in which your gender is perceived. I think that we are hard wired to attach a particular gender to everyone we meet. In your case some folks pick one and others pick the other and still others cannot decide.

    1. When you have stops to make "one way," A-T one way makes lots of sense for the other way. In our case, it was the best course of action. Eliminated I-95's insanity going south, and substituted I-75's insanity (including Atlanta) going back north toward TN.

      Next time we'll try to avoid going thru or around Atlanta. That may be even more insane than driving I-95 - but shorter! (An hour and a half of those constant gasps, groans and outbursts from the passenger seat told me that the wife agrees to somehow eliminate any route involving Atlanta! You couldn't pay me enough to deal with that traffic every day...

      Sounds like you'll have an interesting one-way trip one of these days!

      I really can't complain about the interpretation of my gender on the trip. I wasn't at all concerned about being identified as a female, wasn't trying to dress the part, and thus could be pleasantly surprised each time it happened. And it did...a lot.