Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Remember the rock which was thrown up from the road service and chipped my "daily driver's" side window a few weeks ago?  When we were driving the antique on tour activities, its driver's side window took a stone hit...very loud.  Perhaps the fact that we weren't moving at interstate highway speeds helped.  Fortunately the window was up, and the stone did no damage (other than perhaps to our nerves.)

We've now proved that 'lightning truly DOES strike the same place twice.'  That's why we continue to run the air conditioner...even at the risk of the old V-8 using a bit more gasoline than it normally would.

While traveling through Western Pennsylvania, along the old National Road through the mountains, we encountered a place called Nemacolin Woodlands Resort.   It really does look inviting...and you may be pleased to know that you can arrive on your private plane...the place has its own airport!


From the resort's website (slightly edited for brevity), a little info about the place.  Note: if you're not a part of that "famous or infamous" 1%, you may want to skip these next few excerpts - you'll be as envious as we were.  But it's definitely not your typical Motel 6 or Super 8:

Situated on 2,000 acres, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, located in the Laurel Highlands of Southwestern Pennsylvania, features 318 luxurious guestrooms, suites, Townhouses and Private Homes, including the Falling Rock boutique hotel, a recipient of the Forbes Five-Star and AAA Five-Diamond awards.

In addition to the internationally acclaimed Woodlands Spa,  the resort offers 36-holes of championship golf on two courses - the Pete Dye designed Mystic Rock, and the traditional Links Course. For shooting, visit the Nemacolin Field Club, featuring the Shooting Academy, an outdoors sporting facility on 140 acres complete with 30-stations, wing shooting, a spacious lodge and Orvis® Endorsed Fly Fishing.

For a more rugged and adventurous experience, try the Adventure Center.  Spend the afternoon or day at our Wildlife Academy, home of the Equestrian Center, animal nursery, animal habitats and educational programs. Black bears, zebra, buffalo, tigers and hyenas are just some of over 100 animals that currently call Nemacolin home.

As the seasons change, our ski facilities at Mystic Mountain offer both downhill and cross-country skiing enthusiasts, snowboarders and snow tubers a variety of snowsports. For a different winter experience, enjoy snowshoeing or dog sledding on the property’s winter trails.

Nemacolin also boasts an impressive collection of restaurants and lounges, including the Forbes Five-Star and AAA Five-Diamond Lautrec.  Enjoy daily art tours of the multi-million dollar Hardy Family Art Colllection valued at $45 Million or enjoy a leisurely tour at your own pace as the Collection graces nearly all aspects of the property.

For those guests arriving by air, our on-property private airfield with 3,900-foot airstrip is available.

All for a rate (as quoted on the website recently) starting at $468 a night.   Wow, such a bargain!   Perfect for the expense-account set.  We drove in, and all around the property, then right back out again.   But it surely looks like a wonderful place to stay.  Maybe someday, when my ship comes in...and I'm at the right dock!

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  1. Scattered around are a number of these majestic old money resorts such as The Sagamore on Lake George, The Greenbrier in West Va, the Breakers in Palm Beach. I suppose if money is no object you can have a good time but if you are paying those rates simply for a room with a TV, bed and shower it would make your head spin.

    1. We honeymooned (for 1 night) at the Greenbrier "back in the day." Nowadays, that princely sum I paid back then will barely buy a night in a major brand hotel.

      You're right..it DOES make your head spin!

      But I saw a package where they give a credit toward hotel services, which reduces the actual room rate to a less-outrageous amount. Gee, maybe if we both got manis and pedis and facials...no...reality says that won't work.


    2. That sounds familiar. I only had a few days off to get married. We spent one night at a hotel by the NY Thruway for $8, one night in Lake George for $18, one night in Montreal for $17 and one night at the Chatteau Frontenec in Quebec for $53 which felt like a fortune. A few years ago my wife looked up the current rate for that room at the Frontenec and she told me it was $450-500 a night. It was not that big a room.

    3. The other place we stayed for a couple nights was the Station Square Hilton near the old P&LE Station in Pittsburgh. That was fun, too - and a lot cheaper...not sure about it today, though.