Tuesday, September 29, 2015

An interesting shopping day...

My wife and I were across the bay one day late last week, dealing with her dentist and some other issues. 

When I dropped her off at the dentist's, she ran inside first and checked to see that they had wi-fi. They did...so she told me to be sure come in when I get back, and wait for her inside, so she'd know I'm back (never done that before...even in hot weather.)   Dressed as I was, this surprised me, particularly after the incident on our trip - see prior post, and what I wore on this cross-bay venture (picture below.)

While she was "in the chair" I had some run-of-the-mill errands to take care of.  When I got back, the waiting room was quite crowded, with mostly elderly folks.  But there were no issues with my attire, and no strange looks or conversations, as I played around with my computer.  (No, I still refuse to get a smartphone.  My vision isn't what it used to be, and they don't yet provide magnifying glasses to be able to see the tiny screens.  Plus, why pay twice for internet service - once at the house and once for the phone.  ISP's are paid far too much money anyway...)

Last stop after picking her up at the dentist, was to go shopping for some clothes for our soon-to-be-born first grandchild.  I delivered my wife to the store, and was planning to park and wait for her.  She told me to come in with her, which surprised the bejabbers out of me, again given the way I was dressed, and knowing the store would be full of women of all ages.   When we got inside the store, there were only two men present: one customer and one staffer - and I was NOT the male customer.   For all intents and purposes, I was a girl.

The following is a picture of my outfit for the day  (I stopped to take this on the way from my errands back to the dentist).  It also included my purse, of course - and black ballet flats - which you can't see due to the deep grass.  You also can't see Mom's necklace, but it was there.

The male staffer at the store greeted us "Welcome, ladies!"  My wife took off for the racks, but I lagged behind a bit.  So, he came up to me and asked me if I needed any help, since I looked lost in their sea of baby clothes.  Of course I thanked him, and told him "no, I'm really just looking."   From that point on, I retreated to the "relative safety" of my wife, as we looked at newborn girl clothes.

She asked me to give my opinion on different outfits (including the cutest frilly little summer dress - which we agreed the baby girl would outgrow by next summer, before being able to wear).  This thoroughly surprised me, after last week's issue on the trip.  And we picked out some cute outfits to send down for the baby (so we don't have to carry them.)  Nobody gave me so much as a second glance...including the younger girls.  I was just another woman doing retail therapy for "her kid".  Now that's the way it should be!

When my wife took the tiny clothes to the checkout line, I stood nearby, waiting for her.  And at least two female clerks asked "Have you been helped, Ma'am?"  To which I replied "Yes, thanks so much!  I'm waiting for her." And pointed to my wife.  They said,  "If you need anything, Ma'am, just let me know."

Quite an experience, and definitely a fun and successful feminine day...   There should be more like it!


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