Thursday, September 24, 2015

Euro-Metric? P-Metric?

Grabbed the camera for a very pretty sunrise this morning!  Though it doesn't quite compare to western sunsets...

 A Delmarva Morning!

Time to get new tires for the antique...I've been checking local dealers for the proper tires.

Did you know that there are two types of metric radials?  The oldest (and the only type that would have been available on my car in 1967) are Euro-Metric.  These are sized like this:  205-75R14.   In the mid-to-late 70's a standardized size was devised for all passenger cars -  represented with a P as a prefix...P205-75R14.   For antiques which may be shown in national shows, one needs to pay attention to this little difference  in relation to your model year (and the need to have all 5 tires matching in size and tread pattern), as it can mean a large point deduction if your car has the wrong tires.

And mine did - matching P-metric radials.  But Euro-Metrics were the correct ones for it.  Since one of my 5 tires had a broken belt (not replaceable under warranty) and was relegated to the trunk as a spare, and another one seems to be developing the same issue,  I had all the tires changed out for a complete set of 5 new Euro-Metrics.

When I showed up at the garage at 7AM, I was dressed androgynously:  ballet flats, pantyhose, gray capris, and luxuriously silky black blouse, with Mom's necklace but only light makeup and no lipstick.  The shop was very responsive - "Right away, Ma'am."   And they were the job done in a little over an hour.  As I paid the bill by credit card, the clerk saw my name and said "Thanks for shopping with us, Ma'am."   I'm sure glad my wife didn't come along...

On the way home, I needed to get gasoline.  As I stood there pumping gas, I noticed a soda pop delivery truck drive into the parking lot.  No big deal...happens occasionally.  Shortly, the route man appeared out of nowhere, to look over my car and chat.    We talked while I finished pumping gas, and he was very polite - every other word seemingly was "Ma'am."  And he really appreciated seeing the car...when he left, he wished me well at the next show, again ending his sentence with "Ma'am."   Very affirming.

And as I headed back to the house from the gas station, a local younger guy in an old Camaro (decent car but not show quality) waved at me.  I'm not sure if he was flirting, but I didn't recognize him at all.  Maybe he remembered me from one of the local shows.   Being in a happy mode, I waved back.

It was a wonderful day...



  1. Mandy, all I can say is AMAZING! You just fit the bill as a lady!!!

  2. Mandy, all I can say is AMAZING! You just fit the bill as a lady!!!

    1. Thanks, for the compliment, Jen. But remember, a thousand "Ma'am's" can be undone by one little 3 letter word beginning with "S." It will undoubtedly occur again at some point... But I'm trying to let it bother me less, as time goes on.