Saturday, April 18, 2015

"Spring has finally sprung", and more...

I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up some things.  It must have been Trainee Day.  There were very few familiar faces, and every time a new customer walked in, the male cashier sang out the "company line" which ended with a gender-specific greeting.   On the way in,  two customers right in front of me (it was busy that morning) were women, and they were addressed as "young lady." I wasn't sure what I'd hear... 

Turned out that was a topic I needn't have concerned myself with...he apparently saw me as a "young lady" as well.  (For the record, I'm not young.  But he was very nice to say it!)    When I checked out, he sang out "Thank you, young lady!"  My reply was "You're welcome, sir, and have a nice day."  "Thank you, Ma'am - you too."   All within earshot of the trainer, whom I had noticed was lurking nearby!

Next, I stopped in at my favorite auto parts store to pick up some oil for my car in preparation for  the upcoming antique car outing.  They are always nice there.  Turns out they had new people on staff, and a lot more customers than usual were out and about doing car things.  Not only was it horrendously busy, but the customers were all male (or so they thought), and they were addressing everyone as "Sir."  Regardless of a purse, long nails, long hair, arched eyebrows, feminine outfits and other female cues...  Maybe it was training day there, too?  If so, they didn't get high marks...

Fortunately, this picture says it all...Spring has finally arrived!

Trees are blooming as the antique car is all cleaned up and ready to go!

Enjoy your spring, ladies!

More time permits.



  1. At the auto parts store you are in a very male environment so the default gender will tend to be male. THe pharmacy is different. It seems to me that it was the auto parts store that did the mis-gendering.

    1. Very true about the male environment...but remember, this is the same store which previously had clerks who had no trouble simply treating me as female. The former staff carried things to my car and so on. That day, I may have talked to clerks "with issues."

      In any case, I probably will try them "one more time" before switching to another nearby store.