Sunday, December 28, 2014

Another first....and more de-construction.

Although my wife and I don't drink, I tasted some really delicious local holiday spiced wine at a recent party, and on the way to visit my mother, stopped at a convenient local liquor store to buy some.  As I got out of the car, I noticed two men heavily laden with their holiday purchases (apparently set for one huge party!)

Since I could move quicker than they, as I carried only my purse, I hurried to the door and opened it for them.  "Thanks so much, honey, you saved the day!"  And the other said "Miss, I really can't thank you enough..."  They really appreciated a lady holding the door for them, and that lady truly enjoyed every second of their appreciation! (No, I wasn't even wearing a skirt, or makeup.)  Though I'm used to typically being referred to as "dear, sweetie, lady, Miss, Ma'am, and so on" I can't remember being referred to as "Honey" previously (except by my wife, and she isn't saying it because I'm feminine)...  Another first.

The store was out of the spiced wine I I left empty handed. At least I have a bottle of similar wine in reserve at'll be gone before the holidays are over.

When we went out to dinner on Friday night, at a local pub, we were addressed as "folks" initially by the female greeter.  But the server eventually changed over to"ladies"- a first.  It's often the other way around - "Ladies" changes to "folks." I'll interpret that as a positive thing...especially since it's local, and the locals are generally "dyed-in-the-wool" traditional, conservative Republicans.

On a more somber note, that restaurant and motel shown in an earlier post (and some surrounding houses as well) have now been largely demolished, to make way for the convenience store and gas station.  Today all that remained was one short rear wall...and a huge pile of rubble that kept them unable to reach the wall conveniently.   It, too, will soon fall!

 Last week...still there, but its days were numbered - with single digits!

  Today:  Rubble

Only one back wall will likely fall this coming week.  Thanks for the Memories!

Following is a picture of that sadly-confused little forsythia plant I mentioned in a prior post, which is trying its hardest to produce a few flowers in the relatively warm weather we've been having.  That effort is in spite of the fact winter has yet to arrive.

Will it ever be in for a big surprise one of these days, when winter begins on the Delmarva!!!  However,  I've been noticing a lot of geese flying NORTH, not south.  So, maybe they're combined indications that winter is over already?  Our checkbook would like that...a short winter would be fabulous - and save a fortune on fuel bills!

This will likely be my last post for the year 2014...wishing my readers and friends a very safe and Happy New Year.  Bring on the "bubbly"!




  1. Let me wish you and your wife a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

    I am glad that those local conservative Republicans were typically open and friendly and affirming to you. Some folks just pick on Republicans but many of us are libertarian in our instincts and simply want a less controlling and overbearing government. Up here in NY we are dealing with a communist mayor and things are going down the draing quickly. I would think that you are just as likely to be politely referred to as a lady by a conservative than by anyone else. For many on the right having good manners matters.

    From Christmas eve until last night we had house guests of one nature or another so any dressing, partial or otherwise was back in the closet. It is nice to be back in pantyhose today.

    Last night after the guest had left I quickly threw a coat of red polish on my toes. For me it was good therapy.


    1. Pat,

      And the same Happy, and Healthy, New Year to you and your family!

      Your comment about the status of the government is hard to argue against. But improving that situation takes compromise, something which has been sadly lacking recently...and which may - or may not - improve. Time will tell.

      But so far, you're correct...despite long-standing political leanings out here on the Delmarva, there haven't been any problems with my girlish appearance. And that's a good thing!

      I know what you mean about "nice to be back in pantyhose." And glad you were able to go with red polish! Sounds like fun!

      Till later...


  2. Mandy
    I have a question.
    Of the many times that you and your wife have been out together and have been addressed and identified as two ladies, has your wife ever corrected the speaker and told them that you were her husband or that you were not a lady?
    Just curious.

    1. Pat,

      On very rare occasions, "way back in the day" when she wasn't tolerating it as well, she sometimes did. But not at all within recent memory. Nowadays, whenever it happens, nothing is said.

      And that makes it much better for both of us...