Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"It's my mother's"....and another business "gone but not forgotten"

At a large holiday gathering we attended last Friday, I was wearing the hammered aluminum link necklace I retrieved from Mom's things, over a turtleneck with stirrup leggings, purse and flats.   While my wife was busy chatting with some of the neighbors, an elderly woman from the development came up to me, reached over, and touched my necklace (just like a woman would do with another woman).  "This is really a pretty necklace!   Tell me more about it." 

Needless to say, I told her it was about 40 years old, and had belonged to my mother, who doesn't wear it any more since she's in a nursing home.  The woman was amazed and pleased that I'd honor her in that way.  "It's wonderful that you keep a bit of her with you all the time, and it really looks good on you.  Keep wearing it proudly."  I thanked her and told her that I plan to, and at times might even wear the matching bracelet.  Her response was..."Oh yes, you really should - the matched pair would be perfect for you."

I love it when women approach me to talk to discuss girl things.   However, I'm not at all sure my wife would agree, especially when it's our neighbors.  She missed hearing the discussion,  and that's probably fortunate...

Mom has been having many problems since I got back from our Thanksgiving trip. They're all related to her condition...  And my daily visits with her have not been fun.  But today (Sunday), as I was leaving, I had to smile just a bit...

One of the female residents was sitting in the lobby with a male resident who had just wheeled himself in.   I said "see you later" to the female resident, who knows I'm a guy who wore a skirt at Halloween and she sees me in girls' clothes at all other times.  She replied "see you" to me.  The male resident thought she was talking to him, and inquired.  She clarified that she was talking to (insert my real name here), the lady who is just walking out now (and she pointed to me.)  Needless to say, I was thrilled to hear that she is now identifying me to others as female...  

If anyone has crossed the Bay Bridge going eastbound from Annapolis, they might have noticed Holly's Restaurant (and motel) on the left side of the road in Grasonville.  It's reportedly been a local fixture since 1959, and from what we hear, they served good fried chicken and homemade cream of crab soup.  The parking lot for the restaurant was usually well-populated (wasn't aware that the motel was even open).  It was apparently a true Diners, Drive-ins and Dives type of candidate.  But several months ago, we noticed that the parking lot was empty and there were notices of some sort in the windows.

Turns out they had closed their doors, and sold the property to Royal Farms.  Just what that commercialized section of road needs...another convenience store and gas station. So today. I went out of my way to stop by and get some pictures, as the place seems to be getting dismantled (or vandalized).  Piece by lonely piece...

Sad to see "old standards" like this disappear...particularly when it's replaced by a commercial chain store and gas station.    Bet the owners got big bucks for the prime property location, though...and the county will get more tax revenue.

Here are a few pictures...

Look at that nifty knotty pine interior paneling, straight from the 50's!  We had that feature in a house from my high school years, and stayed in a motel out west two summers ago, which was thusly decorated. Very attractive.  Too bad this paneling probably won't be salvaged....it would make perfect decor for a home office, or family room.

The joint's soul is long gone...now I wonder when the walls and roof will come tumbling down on the broken furniture and smashed appliances inside, putting the "last nails in its coffin"?

That's all for now...



  1. Women communicate with other woman differently than men communicate with men. No man has ever said "I like those shoes" or that is a nice "Jacket" or "I like the cologne you are wearing". Women, on the other hand, will often comment in a fashion that the lady did with your mother's necklace. She obviousl is picking up enough female cues from your dress and demeanor to talk to you as she would another woman.

    There have been times when I have passed comments in mixed company about a woman's fashion or style or a garment that a woman may be wearing and my wife picks up on that and will give me the 'stink eye'. She is very concerned that others may pick up on cues that I may have a secret femme predeliction.

    It is also evident that the lady at the nursing home is now pinging more on the femme aspects of your presentation than the manly ones. As you walk down life you are being accepted for the unique person that you are.


    1. We have seen the lady who commented about my necklace casually at other neighborhood events. I can't recall having any other discussions with her. My wife might have... But it's probably a good thing that she didn't hear the exchange. Both our wives seem to have the same general concern...though mine has become quite a bit more liberal than yours regarding my everyday wardrobe.

      And she now tolerates us being called "ladies."

      Yes, the women at the nursing home seem to be taking to my femme persona...and I love every minute of it! I certainly don't hear that dreaded "S" word there any more!

      Here's hoping your wife will go along with your dressing on the train this trip...it's the safest place you could ever want to do it! No restroom issues, food service in a controlled environment, and if you travel in sleeper, a very private place to sit, where people won't be looking up your skirt. Just as long as your relatives or family friends aren't on that same train!