Saturday, December 20, 2014

A motel torn down, for "progress..."

This has been a busy week, but rather quiet on the gender front.

My most exciting moments have been experienced in androgynous mode, as a part of daily business.  Last week, when leaving Mom's nursing home, a vehicle stopped beside me.  That happens occasionally in the parking lot, with people looking for a parking place.  "Ma'am?  Ma'am?  Excuse me..."  I looked into the car and a guy was trying to obtain the address of the nursing home, to be sure he had the right place....and I was able to confirm he'd found it.  "Thank you, Ma'am."

It was my week for a fill.  The salon wasn't excessively crowded, and I was addressed as "Miss Mandy" by the techs.  After J was done with me, she asked if I'd help hang a picture.  Which I was happy to do, within my time constraints.  She was happy to have someone show her how to do it...

And on Wednesday I had to run a model train engine over the bridge to the repair shop.  I bribed my wife to go along, with a lunch date at her favorite restaurant on the other side.   We were seated as "ladies" and addressed as such by the male server  When time for the check came, he put it between us.  The clerk saw me look over the bill, so when he brought it back after running the c/c,  he gave it to me.  But it was my wife's credit card, and she signed (she gets a cashback bonus on her charges.)  Guess he was convinced that I paid the bill.

On Friday I visited the computer store at the mall, due to problems with an operating system upgrade.  (That helped a lot, but I'm still trying to figure everything out.)   It's my first time to do an upgrade.  But after all the issues, it certainly will be my last...

As usual I was in androgynous mode, but this time wore light makeup and lipstick, and had used a different product on my hair, giving it more fullness and "flow."  The hucksters at the booths in the center of the aisle were out in full force, trying to entice women to buy things.  I simply say "no thanks" to them, and keep going...I don't need to spend money on trifles.  But I admit to perking up my ears as an attractive woman accosted me (and I noticed because we were glancing at each other as she spoke):  "Beautiful lady, would you like a sample of...."  I thought quickly, but decided I'd give the usual answer, so as to leave her guessing at my real gender...   I wished her a Happy Holiday season, in as femme a voice as I could muster... and she returned the greeting.  I sure wish I could be going out en femme, but right now it just isn't convenient!

If you recall, I previously (Tuesday, December 9) provided some pictures of a mom-and-pop motel and restaurant which are being razed to make way for yet another convenience store and gas station.  Heavy equipment is rolling now, and nearby chain motels are most likely cheering on the progress! 

 Most of the far wing has met its fate, battered furniture and all, as of last Wednesday.  The rest of the motel awaits its destruction.

 As of Friday morning, the remaining motel wing has succumbed to the wreckers.

The "No Vacancy" sign will never again signify a "full house." as it surely did for many nights in those less stressful and more genteel times on US 50...   Instead, loiterers will hang around the convenience store, to periodically be "shooed away" by State Troopers...

 Sad indeed, but a sign of the times...

My next pictures will probably show the restaurant has been reduced to a pile of rubble.

More later,



  1. It really does seem that the tilt of your androgeneous presentation goes much more often to the feminine side. With the nails, light makeup, hair, pantyhose clad ankles and ballet shoes most people that you encounter for the first time are much more likely to peg you as a woman. It also seems that when you and your wife are out as a couple that she has become inured or accustomed to your being identified as a woman. My sense is that she has resigned herself to this being part of her life and one of the side effects of your long and loving marriage.

    When I am out I am never mis-identified but on a gradual basis I have been wearing my bra and slip under my guy clothes along with my 'chicken cutlet' forms and going out and about in this fashion seems to have become something that no longer surprises or even upsets my wife. No one but her has ever seemed to notice my pantyhose clad ankles or my man boobs.

    On weekends I think she just accepts it that at some point I will be dressed as a woman. Sunday afternoon I had on my blue and black print dress with black pumps while I cut veggies and worked on preparing some of the sauce for Christmas Eve seafood fra diavlo. Dinner last night included me cutting up and sauteing calamari with mushrooms in a marinara sauce.

    Of course the blinds are drawn so that none of the neighbors can look in to see what I may be wearing.

    One step at a time but I do like being in her presence while dressed.


    1. Pat,

      You're right in that it appears my wife has grown accustomed to us being seen as two women... But the caveat is that I'm not able to wear a skirt or dress, both of which are unmistakeably feminine. For now, I can live with that limit.

      The fact that you are wearing lingerie and bra with forms (however small they may be) in drab when out with your wife is a good accomplishment. It is getting her accustomed to seeing you that way.

      We both have the same privilege within the house...that of wearing dresses - though I have to stick to my flats. The best Christmas present we could get is the ability to dress as the girls we are. However in my own situation, that's not likely to happen.

      Thus I'm looking forward to the end of January...keep your fingers crossed for me!