Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Marvelous Weekend, Part 3 Finale

Driving back to the hotel from Udvar-Hazy seemed a lot shorter than the other direction.  But then, that's normal!  Or maybe I was just anxious to move into the highlight of my visit - a makeover with Beth at Makeovers With Elizabeth Taylor:

The first (approximately) two thirds of my makeover was spent with wig and clothing selection, and makeup.  The balance was the actual photography.  Beth has a nice selection of clothes - (even some for us more substantial gals!)  But you certainly can use your own if you wish!

In my case, I used one of her wigs (she put my natural hair in a french braid underneath, to keep it out of the way), and the sleeveless outfits shown are from her wardrobe.  But as an experiment, at the end she un-braided my natural hair, added some products, and took a few pictures of me in one of my own outfits, as well.

 This long skirt is quite comfortable, and it helps one feel rather elegant...

I was very comfortable in the elegant long black skirt (above) with my Mary Janes, probably because I'm used to wearing my own long tan skirt.  However, Beth wanted to put me in something a bit more daring, so she handed me a shorter skirt...(below)  Once on, I realized how much "on display" it put me!  

 But the shorter skirt works well with the top I was wearing...

While I was still contemplating that "almost naked feeling" - very visible pantyhosed legs, and bare arms, (ultimately deciding that I liked it - a lot), she put out some pumps for me...with quite a bit higher heels than my own.  I picked the cute pair of peep-toes and put them on (above).  They looked fabulous, but I seriously wobbled if I tried to move.  Maybe it was the fit, or just lack of practice in skyscraper heels themselves.  If someone made me wear these heels every day, I'd most likely fall over! (At least till I got used to them...)

Then came the realization that: I wasn't going anywhere, and they were very sexy-looking.   So they absolutely had to be my shoes of choice for that part of the photo shoot.   I didn't move around much...didn't fall over, and loved the way the skirt and heels made me look!

 It's amazing how much this shorter wig actually changes my appearance!

Others have told me that a short wig would separate my androgynous appearance from my feminine side , and I can see from these pictures that it's true.  It really does give the "two of us" distinctly different "looks."  That would be a big plus.  However...

Given my own circumstances, a wig would be a lot of trouble to store, and from what Marian has said, they're very hot to wear outside in the summertime.  That's a big downside, since most of my activities en femme are in the warmer months. Even if I could overcome the storage issue, I can't picture myself wearing a wig to a car show in 90-plus degree weather....the perspiration dripping down my face would ruin my makeup.  And I wouldn't want to smell that wig the next day!  I'd have to get my stylist to wash it after every use.  There's already more than enough expense keeping the gray hidden in my own natural hair, something I can't give up - I'm just not prepared to add 5 years - or more -  to my apparent age by going gray.

Just before I published this, I visited the wig shop my stylist had suggested.  It was not a successful visit - see my "Quickie - the wig shop" post, dated the 16th.  Absent an unexpected miracle, that visit pretty much ended consideration of a short wig that could be styled in a more-or-less male style.  Whether it's age-appropriate or not,  I like my feminine long hair too much!

Back to my own outfit, and my own hair -  I still truly enjoy having long hair!

Beth is a wonderful hostess, and she helped me realize the potential to look my best.  I'd recommend her makeovers to anyone, trans or otherwise.  And for those who might want to come in from afar, a  hotel is very convenient to her location.   You can't go wrong!

After finishing up at Beth's it was late, and I'm not a night owl.   So, I went back to the hotel to remove makeup, shower and hit the sack. Sometimes I wish I were a night owl...hitting the clubs sounds like fun.  But I'd probably be asleep at the table, not enjoying the sights!  C'est la vie! (Did I spell that right?)

Sunday morning, sadness crossed my mind, that this marvelous weekend was rapidly drawing to a close.  But wait, there was still one more meet-up to accomplish.  Meg had given me the address of a local diner with good food, so that she and Charity could meet me for breakfast.  They had someplace to be a bit later in the morning, but we wanted to meet one more time.

So, Mandy got dressed again,  checked out of the hotel (neither my nails nor my attire caused any problem with the desk personnel) and headed for the diner.  At that early hour, traffic was nil (apparently most folks in the area aren't early risers), and the GPS got me there a couple of minutes before Meg and Charity arrived.  I was a bit tardy in getting out of the car - I waited to make sure I had the right couple...though I recognized Charity from a picture in Meg's blog.  They went right in and got a table, as I got out of the car and followed them in.

It was wonderful to see Meg again - in her male persona this time - and to finally get to meet Charity. She is a delight to be around, and I'm sure glad we made the effort to do the second meet-up!  Meg  knows how to choose restaurants....again, service was good, and the breakfast portions were as huge as the sandwiches Meg and I enjoyed at our Friday evening meal.   Trying this too often could cause a major weight gain for just about anyone...

All too soon, it was time to go.  We had our own schedules to keep.  So, after our farewells, we set off on our own.  In my case, that was home.  I'd checked out of the hotel in a skirt and blouse, mainly because I had NOT brought any clean androgynous outfits, leaving more room for girly things in my suitcase.  There was no choice in the matter - I was going home in a skirt and blouse.  But it wasn't a problem - nobody was there.

On Friday, my GPS had routed me via I-395, which probably accounted for all the heavy traffic.  Sunday, I could have gone south, and hit the beltway to get me around the city proper.  But since all I did on Friday was concentrate on the roads and traffic, I figured I should see what sights I missed because I couldn't glance up from my driving duties...

Thus I retraced my steps on I-395.  And, with no realized how much I had missed.  There they were - all the storied sights of DC, surrounding me, almost close enough to touch!  The airport, the Potomac, the Pentagon, the Washington Monument - the list goes on and on,   This would be a fabulous tourist route on a beautiful morning, when there is no traffic, like at 9:00 Sunday morning!  Just don't try it on a weekday - or any, for that matter - afternoon!

There was no traffic issue at "The Bridge," so it was a quick and safe trip home...thus bringing the curtain down on The Marvelous Weekend!  Thanks for staying with me, and reading about it!




  1. Mandy -

    That's the wig style for you!!!! You will need to figure out a way to buy it - and have the wife accept you wearing it.

    Regarding the clothing - you have yet to develop your own personal style. Of course, it's hard with a wife in the picture. Slowly but surely, you'll accumulate things. Just be very selective with what you buy. I've spent (what some in our world might say) is a fortune (not really) building a second wardrobe. I look at it as what I'd do if I had everything burnt in a fire - luckily, this was not the case. So now, all I'm doing is filling in small gaps.

    Have you shown the wife any of these pictures? How do you think she'd react?


  2. Hi Marian,

    Can't argue that Beth's short style wig worked well for me. I liked - and still like - it. The second part of your first sentence will be the tough one. If I happen to stumble into the right wig in my travels - one that CAN be combed into an approximation of a male style, or left feminine at my option, I'd still be inclined to buy it and see if it would fly. But absent that...not so much.

    And you're right, I'm still working on my "style." Perhaps, due to my storage issues, I'm too selective in what I buy. Things have to practically "jump into my arms" like the pink blouse did, for me to buy them. I made a shopping run through Willy's (Goodwill) yesterday, since I had time, and didn't see anything that interested me...except a couple of dresses which were far too small.

    Speaking of dresses, I'd still like to end up with a couple of cute knee-length business-friendly dresses (same length as my skirts.) Seems from my last excursion that I'm fairly comfortable wearing that length. Another desire would be a stylish 3/4 or long-sleeve dress that's maybe 3 or 4 inches above-the-knee, to wear in the spring and fall with black tights or leggings underneath. (That might even be ideal for my travels out west in January.) If I keep watching the thrift shops, eventually I'll find what I need...

    No, my wife hasn't seen any of the pix - she's been at her sister's for over a week. At this point, a show-and-tell session isn't in the cards. IMHO the reaction would not be good. I'm just not willing to gamble for "all or nothing" - because I suspect the answer would be "she gets it all, I get nothing." If you know what I mean. For now, I'm comfortable in "Mandy-sometimes" mode. Being able to change out in the cornfields helps make it happen a little more frequently.

    I hope at some point, that will change. But I'm not holding my breath...


  3. I agree with Marian that the wig is a good style for you. It works with your face and age and is neat and feminine.
    I think that Beth had you looking wonderful. I liked that top with the black skirt (long and short) and thought that the outfit worked well with the peep toe pumps.
    I thought that the final look with your top and skirt and hair done by Beth was a good look and you should have tried to get out while so nicely dressed.
    I am very glad that you had such a great few days and I am sure that you look forward to your next full dress outing.

    1. You're so right, Pat, I do look forward to the "next time!"

      Thanks for the kind words about my appearance...and yes, I agree, Beth did a fabulous job! (Including fixing up my own hair for a few shots in my own outfit!)

      OK, so the wig is still officially under consideration!

      Though I don't know if I can find one like it locally...need time alone on the other side of the bridge to do that...or mail order, which then presents the problem of how to get it without a package from a wig shop appearing in our mail. Everything will be solvable, given enough time!

      With my opportunity for a makeover (probably same time next year) I'lll make the appointment for Saturday morning, for a makeup application, a few pictures in the studio, and then have Beth take me dress shopping. That would be a girls' day out, and ought to be a lot of fun!