Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Quickie - A busy time...

Recently, my mother (who is in a nursing home) needed some relatively minor surgery on her knee. This little matter has kept me busy...nursing home residents seem to fare better when a relative keeps close tabs on them. So I've spent more time than usual there, while she recovers.

At my nail appointment just before Mother's surgery, the tech made good on her promise to not reduce my nail length, since they're "finally over 1" overall, the best length for you.  Next time we'll just give them a quick trim to 1" and make sure they stay that length."  This time, though, she made the white part a bit bigger, which makes them much more noticeable.

Yes, I love the way they look, and don't mind the slight inconveniences they now present...   In order to use a credit card at the gas station,  I have to use a plastic glove to remove my credit card from the slot.  And the same thing for withdrawals at an ATM.  Plus, accurate typing is a challenge.  But these are all minor issues.  As Judy says..."Girls deal with it every day.  Having long, pretty nails makes it all worthwhile!"

Saturday, I visited Mom in the nursing home, and was showing her some pictures from one of my earlier vacations.  In the process, I intentionally put a picture of me that she hasn't seen before (from my transformation years ago) as my screen saver.

At first she thought it was a picture of her from her youth, then when I pointed out that it wasn't,  she realized that it was me.  She said "You certainly are a pretty girl."  "And so are you, Mom!"  That always puts a smile on her face.  We talked for a few minutes about what might have been my name had I been a girl...she said they were so confident about having a boy that they hadn't really contemplated a girl's name for me.  But she told me that I likely would have been named Jessica (Jessie for short), in honor of her close childhood girlfriend.   And she used to relate stories about running around with Jessie those many years ago...

Given Mom's current memory (or more appropriately, lack thereof), I don't worry about her talking about my dressing to anyone...   What she sees on my computer screen has already erased itself from her memory well before I've reached the front door of the nursing home.  But at least she's supportive of my girly side while I'm there...

Recently we found that our son will be coming home for a visit late in April.  And he's planning to bring his girlfriend home to meet us.  It should be interesting to see what changes my wife will want to see in my attire...our son says he's told his girlfriend that my hair's almost as long as hers.  Though I won't be wearing dresses around her - my wife already gave me one of her old jogging suits (from the days we both wore the same size) to wear around the house - hopefully he's also told her that my nails are much longer than hers and I have a non-traditional style of dressing.

If not, she's likely to find out!


  1. Good luck when your son and his daughter visit. Your style of androgeneous dressing is a part of who you are.

    I have been up in Rochester on business for the past few days. Before coming up I checked out a T group in Rochester and had the names of a fewT friendly places. One of the members of the group introduced himself to me as someone who dressed androgeneously. My first two nights in town I went to two safe places that have mostly an LGBT client base. I would grab something to eat and perhaps have a beer or two. My first night out I wore a brown denim skirt with a black top. The next night I wore a black skirt with a lace top.

    Tonight I had planned to go to a place that was celebrating Fat Tuesday figuring that this would be an accepting crowd but when I went by it looked a bit to rowdy toninght for me. This member of the local T group had told me that he would be reading at an organized poetry reading at a coffee shop that he told me was T friendly. I joined him. He was a very nice guy dressed in high tight girls jeans, 3" booties showing his panty hose, a velour top with a beautiful necklace and nice bracelets and earrings and his nails were nicely manicured and polished. He had long white hair and also sported a neat mustache and chin beard. He was an interesting person.

    I had a good night out wearing an animal print dress with my 3" pumps. I came back to my hotel room and now I wish I had stopped at the New Orleans themed bar that was having a Mardi Gras party.
    Oh well...perhaps another time.


  2. Thanks! Hopefully it will work well, and no luck will be needed! I'm sure there will be a post at some point afterward!

    Sounds like you are/were having fun in Rochester. Have only been there a couple of times, and that was many years ago. Maybe you can get back there again...