Monday, March 24, 2014

Quickie - unexpected "miss-identifications..."

In addition to my antique car having continuing issues, I've been embroiled in a couple of my own medical issues lately.  Between them, they've infringed on my ability and desire to dress.  But the end result seems to remain the same...

Late last week, I found myself stopping in at the local hospital, to pick up a piece of test equipment and get instructions on how to use it.  I was not, repeat NOT, consciously trying to appear feminine.  I wore my usual pants, shoes and purse, but no jewelry or makeup.  However, the check-in clerk obviously didn't agree with my assessment of "not feminine" and addressed me as "Ma'am" the whole time, even when in possession of my driver's license, which still has the "M" on it.  (Maybe she didn't notice that?)

When I eventually made my way upstairs to the department to pick it up, a guy came out to show me how to use it.  While he didn't officially "miss-identify" me (just omitted all gender references), he seemed to be talking to me in simple terms, as he would to a woman.  That's OK- no problem for me - easier to learn when it's in simple terms and repeated a couple times...

Then Saturday, my wife and I attended an antique car function to kick off the show season.  It was at held at a restaurant about an hour from home, and we were both addressed as "ladies" by the staff, for our entire visit.  Our server directed me to the ladies' room.  I passed on by and went to the men's, as I didn't think I looked all that girly, and didn't need an issue, particularly lots of women from the group - and my wife - there.

When time to pay the bill came around, our server thanked me by name and then asked "Oh, Ms. _________, did I pronounce that right?"  My reply: "Yes indeed, you did fine...thanks!"  Not sure if they just wanted to hear my voice to get a better idea of my gender, but I think that might be the case.  Doesn't matter why,'s nice to hear!

And the beat goes on...



  1. It seems that in your every day life that things are going well from the gender perspective. You seem to have reached that elusive ground where everything is OK.

  2. Well, I keep hoping that's where I am. Then the next day comes the dreaded "S" word.

    But regardless, life goes on. And then when I least expected it, today there was something in the mail from the hospital for me, addressed to "Ms. ________. That sure brought a smile to my face!