Saturday, March 15, 2014

Nothing is permanent except change...

Around here things have been anything but dull, and there hasn't been much time to write anything, as you can tell from my lack of posts.

Still trying to get mother's leg squared away, so I try to be there with her every day when the girls reapply her bandage.  That pretty well shoots every morning.  And in addition, have been dealing with my own annual physical exam and a couple issues from that...

Concurrently with the above, my antique car's 39-year-old starter gave up the ghost, and the new choke I had the shop install last year has rusted out already, rendering it useless. (Hence helping burn out the starter, but that's a whole 'nother story.)  So now, in the midst of all the doctoring, that has to be dealt with, too...unfortunately at the local shop where they are as slow as molasses in January (well, it's almost as cold as it was in January...)   I may have to take it elsewhere for the choke issue, but had to have them replace the starter, so I could get it started to drive it, instead of paying for a 50-mile tow job.

Unfortunately, if that problem can't be resolved soon, the early April "Mandy weekend" is likely toast.  I can't very well take the car out of town overnight, if I can't depend on it to start the next morning.

In one of my prior posts I mentioned that the girls at the salon tried a couple of nail polishes to hide the white tips on my nails.  I never had a chance to wear those colors...but at my most recent fill, the tech said she was trying something new in response to my trashing one of them the day before, while cleaning the alloy wheels on my daily driver.

She "changed" them to what she called "women's active" length (almost a quarter inch shorter) and the white tips disappeared.  Then she used pink acrylic to completely cover each nail...hiding the free edge almost completely.  Her reasoning - like other women, I'll soon be doing things outside, and these are much more difficult to destroy.  Plus, they're still feminine...though much easier to use and type with!

But they are very pink!

It actually turned out to be a good move...when I got home, my wife said that she liked how my nails look.  That's something I haven't heard in a long, LONG while.  (Though I don't know if she's realized exactly how pink they are yet.) She told me that she had been planning to have me get them cut next fill, because of our son's impending visit with his girlfriend.  So, that problem seems to have been solved, without an issue.

And the fun goes on.


  1. I like how your nails look. That is a nice and neat color. Your nails look elegant and pleasant but the color is neutral enought so you are not flasing your manicure in the face of one and all.
    At my last mani/pedi I went with clear polish on my fingers but I went with a neutral beige on my toes. Unlike the red that had been on most of the winter the neutral beige/brown looks nice, neat and finished but does not jump out at you. For me it is a good compromise. As the warmer weather approches and I need to be out and about with my toes showing I will have to take the polish off but I think that I can keep this color on a bit longer before I feel as if it has to be removed.

  2. Hi Pat,

    Thanks, I like the color, too. If I get past the next fill without any issues, and through the kids' visitation at the end of April, this actually may be my color of the future. It works for all four seasons, but can be covered nicely with louder color when needed. And the best part nails can get longer "under cover of pink."

    As for pedicure color...your neutral beige-brown sounds very nice, much like my silver. It may be visible if someone looks, but doesn't stand out. With fisherman sandals, color really doesn't show! And I've not had a problem with it (from my wife or anyone else) while wearing my open-toe sandals.

    Keep your polish on as long as you can!