Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Shorter nails...

At my most recent fill, the tech decided to shorten my nails a little - she decided they were long enough that they might be damaged in my everyday activities.  Her theory is that pretty nails "a bit shorter" will look much nicer than longer, but damaged, nails.   They're now about 15/16" to 1" long from cuticle to the end, down from about 1-1/8" to 1-3/16".  I was surprised.  "But until they exceed their former length, you'll only need fills!"

Then came "Let me give you something to think about..."  Two bottles of nail polish appeared, one light and one darker brown.  "Since you probably would object to wearing red or hot pink polish, either of these can also give you a new look.  Here, let's try them."  I sat there watching as she painted one hand light brown, the other the darker color.  Both polishes fully covered each nail in its entirety, including white tips, and gave my hands a different sort of femininity.  Needless to say, my preference was the was less noticeable.  But as I showed the techs (and customers) my nails, it was unanimous - the girls all thought the lighter was more stylish and contemporary.  Of course it was just a trial run, so she removed the paint immediately.  But I figure I'll end up wearing it at some point!

An impromptu trip across the bridge became a possibility for Thursday, once it became a bit warmer than the cold polar weather early in the week.  So I figured out I'd go over, but stop and change to a skirt and heels in the cornfields.   Like I did last time.  The outfit I had planned to wear:

With my black tights, and MJ heels, of course...

However, that plan turned "DOA" really quickly when I found I was adding a passenger - my wife wants to go along, and do some shopping "on the other side."  Needless to say, I'll have to settle for my usual old androgynous self on that trip. 

But I have a dentist appointment over there in February.  I can change into my skirt right after the dentist, and there won't be any problem...since I will be alone on that one!


  1. your nails look nice! i think you look lovely!

  2. Next time let her go with the less noticable of the colors. If anyone points them out you have the truth on your side. You simply tell anyone who makes an issue of your nails that you have been going to the same nail tech for mani-pedis for years and that the last time you went she (the tech) wanted to put a color on rather than the clear that she has been using for years. That would be the truth.
    I suspect that the biggest hurdle will be your wife but you can honestly blame the nail tech and then tell her that you can always go back to get the color removed.
    I like the skirt with the top and think that it would go well with black or brown hose/opaques and MJs.

    1. Pat,

      I like your suggestion on the darker color. Perhaps I should time that with one of my weekends away, where Mandy can be herself. Stop in for a fill, then head out of Dodge...and decide whether to remove it before getting home, or leave it on, at the last minute.

      Thanks for the positive feedback on my outfit. That's what I'll plan to wear - with the MJ's and black tights. Should work well!