Monday, January 20, 2014

Quickie: Finally, some plans...

Not much that's noteworthy is going on around here right posts are becoming a bit fewer.   Winter is definitely not Mandy's best time to get a "night out of the suitcase, in a skirt."  With the antique car mothballed for the winter, and bad weather in the area so frequently, there just aren't many opportunities to get away.

At this point, it looks like the antique's spring test run will be a round trip of about 275 miles in early April, with one overnight in Baltimore, to check out the car's long-distance operation, after last summer's repairs.   Naturally, Mandy will be there in a least part of the time.  And androgynously the rest....!

An archive picture from the summer of 2012 follows...

This outfit's one of my favorites...loose, floaty and cool for summer...and it works so well with the recently-repaired necklace that Mom used to enjoy wearing!  I can remember it decorating her neckline as she dressed for many adult parties when I was younger...  Who would have ever dreamed that it would now be decorating my neck?

Eventually another occasion will arise for me to stay dressed all day.  Do you think flats work well with the above outfit?  Or, should I go with my MJ pumps as shown below?

At 5' 6-1/2" the 2 inch heels on these give me a little extra height, which is a good thing.  And they are so comfortable and stable that I can wear them all day, without worrying about twisting an ankle while I get accustomed to the odd angle heels force my feet to assume.  It should also be good practice, to prepare me for wearing something with a thinner heel of the same height, like the following:

I'm actually looking forward to someday slipping into traditional heels like the above in the morning, wearing them all day, and staying in them till bedtime.  There's nothing quite like the rhythmic, tapping sound made by walking on hard surfaces in high heels.  It's a pleasant sound which tells the world "Here comes a woman."

Someday soon, I want that woman to be me!   But I suspect it'll take a lot of work (and practice) first.  I've a long way to go!




  1. I do not think that the flats work with that skirt.
    I think that the MJs would do well and I really think that the pumps would be wonderful.
    It is possible that a flat that was not black would work but I think that the skirt could do well with a heel.
    At your height yhou have options that I at 6'+ do not enjoy. I say go with the MJs or the pumps.

    1. Pat,

      Hope your vacation went well...welcome back!

      Thanks for the recommendation...wearing the MJ's was what I figured would be best for me. The pumps would look nice, but I couldn't wear them all day. I wouldn't hesitate to wear the MJ's. I'd love to get a light-colored flat, but haven't found any which fit!

      Enjoy the snow...