Thursday, January 9, 2014

Finale, Big Apple c. 1972 & more "Early Mandy"

A few pics remain to post, from my visit to the Big Apple.  Here are the crowds lined up at Radio City Music Hall for one of the holiday shows.  I wasn't among them, however!  Just walking around town on the weekend...

The 42nd St. Subway Station, as it was back in the day...I used this stop the most of any on the system.  Does it look the same today? 

And the grand, well-decorated tree at Rockefeller Center skating rink...


A last view on the way out - LaGuardia Field.  Not sure what it looks like these days, but if I were betting, I'd bet it's a lot different now! (Notice the antique Yellow Cab!)


Now comes two more pix of Mandy, from her earlier days.  This is the sort-of- feminine hairdo that I wore everyday for a while, as I was growing out my hair.  It somewhat resembles the "bob," which is the direction I probably would turn, if I were getting my hair cut into a feminine style. 

My suit was a $29 wardrober special from one of my "girlie" catalogs, including pants, a skirt and the jacket/top.  I liked it a lot, so because I was making trips to Ohio each summer for car shows, I just left it (and a couple dresses) there with my friend.  That avoided having to pack (or try to hide) them.  Very convenient, for a while.

Once he abandoned the cross-dressing hobby, I offered to reimburse him the postage to send them back,  but for whatever reason, it never happened.  And subsequently we've lost contact.  At this point, almost 8 years later, the clothes probably wouldn't fit, so it no longer matters...but the suit did look nice (imho.)  

And a set of long red fingernails would have been perfect with it...

Summer 2006
In the following shot, I was out and about, sightseeing near Altoona PA.  This was taken at the Gallitzin tunnel overlook, on the former PRR main line.  (The view of the railroad is fabulous - if you're into trains, don't pass up a chance to visit.) Unfortunately there's a lot more "boy" than "girl" visible in this picture, but almost nobody was around, so it didn't really matter.  I want to get back there, this time in a more feminine outfit...

But that caboose was VERY nicely period dress!

Fall 2008

Thanks for bearing with me during this little "walk back in time"'s been fun to review "where I've been."  I just wish the future were a bit clearer, but all things will become so,  with the passage of time.  

Meanwhile, stay warm and dry with all this cold weather the Eastern US has been experiencing...


  1. Thank you for sharing your trip back down memory lane. As a New Yorker the basic landmarks have not changed all that much but the change in cars and clothes are always interesting.

    I remember seeing multipiece 'wardrobers' is the older catalogues but I do not see them much any more.

    Last night was my first night out in 2 months. I have been busy with my wife's rehab from surgery. Hopefully in another week or two she will be able to drive. At home when I cook or clean she has been OK with me dressed but she just does not want my dressing to become known outside the 4 walls of our home.


  2. Pat,

    You're quite welcome! Glad you enjoyed it...

    I wonder if the reason for the demise of the "wardrober" might be that women decided they want to make their own combinations and choices of colors? As for me...I enjoyed knowing that everything matched, and that I looked well-dressed.

    Glad you were able to get out and about. It's been far too long since I had the chance. And now with bad weather here, car shows are nil. It looks like my next time may be in April...there is a car show, for which I can't be fully femme. So I may go across the bay the day before and go dressed for dinner. Time will tell.

    Glad your wife is progressing well...hope her recovery gives you some additional freedom.