Saturday, January 4, 2014

More Big Apple, c. 1972, & Early "Mandy"

While visiting NYC, one of the notable places I enjoyed was the Guggenheim Museum, with its massive funnel-shaped architecture.  It's as appealing from the inside, as it is from the outside! And by unwittingly including partial views of some of the "cars of the day,"  I ensured a "time capsule" to enjoy in future years.

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Due to my work schedule, one day I actually had some time off, which allowed me to join the studio audience of the Dick Cavett show, at that time on ABC.  (Hints at my age, doesn't it?)  Unfortunately I don't remember the show guests, but I do recall him being one of the more composed and dignified of the show hosts I'd seen.

His show remained on ABC until 1974, and then went on to CBS, PBS and others.  Then he moved into radio with a syndicated show from about 1986 - 1990. 

 The Dick Cavett Show, ABC

Back in 1972, security wasn't quite the concern it is today.  Two cases in times I availed myself of one of the long subway station at 58th St and Avenue of the Americas, which had several entrances, as a convenient way to access some nearby beaneries without a lot of walking out in the weather.  This was not usually a problem.  However, about 6 o'clock one rainy evening,  I was walking back to the hotel through the station.  Walking toward me, way down the empty platform, was a group of about ten scruffy-looking locals, each brandishing a billy club in one hand and smacking their other hand with, as if they were staying dry while looking for trouble.  Always alert, and with nary a security officer in sight, I detoured up an exit next to me, on to the street in a heavy rain, for the remainder of my walk.  Better wet than dead.  (I certainly would hope there is better subway security nowadays.... )   One weekend, I was in 'explorer' mode and found the stairs leading to the roof of my hotel.  Naturally, the door was unlocked and not alarmed.  My reward was some great views of NYC, and in addition, I found some seldom-seen architectural touches such as the below.  Nowadays, with security consciousness, a reward for exploring the roof of your hotel would probably be a ride in a police cruiser or paddy wagon...but not back then!

   Up On The Roof...

Anyone for a pretzel?

In 1972 these vendors seemed to be a staple on every NYC street corner.  I tried one, and didn't care for it.  Before I left the Big Apple, I found that I disliked not only the taste, but the smell.  So I tended to avoid their carts...

 Anyone for a pretzel?

On my way back from the Statue of Liberty tour, I grabbed a quick shot of the ferry.  Pictures found on line show that modern boats look a bit different now, so here's another classic "snapshot in time".

Following is the earliest known picture of Mandy, circa 2002. It, and its short introduction, were in the blog "Who is that girl, part 2" dated 6/27/12.   Additional facts about the pic;  I was wearing a borrowed wig from Kathy, as my hair would still scream "boy" -  it was not grown out yet.  And the dress I wore belonged to Kathy's wife, who was a big help to me, in doing part of my make-up that day.  Both she and Kathy told me that I look great in long dresses.

But as I progressed, I got the feeling I should include some shorter ones when I add to my wardrobe, to show a bit more leg...

Mandy circa 2002

I still have the following fact, I'm wearing it around the house right now, with a long sleeve top, to keep warm in the cold weather.

Mandy circa late 2004

I'm looking forward to some warmer weather - it would be fun to try wearing one of these dresses out and about!

That's all for now...



  1. Mandy -

    It's time to get your hair done up like a real woman!!! The wig style looks better on you than your own hair - few people can pull off long hair on a big body as late in life as we are. Natal women start preferring shorter hair, as it is more practical and much easier to maintain. (The length of my wig tends to be the longest you'll usually see 50+ y/o women's hair these days.)

    In the summer, you'll love the feel of a nice dress or skirt. I love them, and can't wait for things to warm up a smidgen for the natal women to wear them again. (That's my cue to start wearing them myself.) The only time I wear them in the winter is Monday through Friday (after work), where I can look like a woman who came directly from work. (And even then I have to use my judgment.)


    1. Marian,

      With regard to the comfort of wearing dresses (or skirts), I couldn't agree with you more! In fact, I plan to try wearing the long black jumper dress at my first 2014 overnight outing, hopefully in March or April! Pat's comments in "Quickie - my New purse" helped with that, as have your prior comments on wearing dresses.

      As for my hairdo...that's a really difficult subject. I recognize that a pretty, feminine 'do would seriously improve my female presentation. However, my wife tolerates my long hair, even though she grumbles about it from time to time. Unfortunately, she's also expressed a preference for my hair to look more like a businessman's (i.e. very short.)

      If I one day show up unexpectedly decked out in a feminine hairdo, it's likely that in order to keep peace in the family (a preferable state), I'll have to trot back to the salon and get it re-done, in something "a lot shorter and much more masculine." (Possible translation; crew cut.) That's an exercise I just don't wish to participate in...because, except on Brad Pitt (Fight Club promo pix if I remember correctly), dresses generally don't go well with crew cuts!

      And unfortunately, I don't have the space, funds or freedom to deal with wearing and caring for various wigs. So, until I can find a more feminine short style that I like (and that she can live with), I probably will be "stuck" with long hair . At least I have the hair to be able to wear it long...for that I'm eternally grateful. Some of our sisters don't have such good fortune!

      Regarding the wig I wore in my 2002 picture...I didn't care for that style back then, and still don't like it in 2014. It was the only thing Kathy and Mary had with them to transform me, and I truly appreciate everything they did to "help me with the basics." It was a wonderful experience!

      As for styles I like, I've been looking at various versions of pageboys and bobs, both with side-swept bangs, as possible replacement styles. I wore a bob for a while as I was growing my hair out. That may be the easiest for her to if I can just find a picture of ""the right one..."

      Time will tell how this all works out...hope springs eternal.

      Enjoy your Sunday...


  2. Thanks for the photos and the walk down memory lane.
    I must disagree with your lack of appreciation for the NYC pretzel vendors. I love the hot pretzels and more often then not I will stop for one when I pass a vendor. Of course I think that the cost of a pretzel these days is between $2-3 while back in the early days they were probably a quarter.


    1. Pat,

      You're quite welcome! And I have a few more, for the final installment, along with some more pix of "Early Mandy."

      About the hot pretzels...I wonder if they may be "an acquired taste?" After all, this was in the early 1970's, and I didn't care for onions or brussels sprouts then, either! But now, both are fine... If I should get back to NYC, I'll give the pretzels another go! (Even at $2-$3 each!0