Friday, November 30, 2012

A blast from the past...

Below are a couple of pictures from my archives.

The first one was taken as part of a professional makeover, and I'm estimating that it was taken in 2005.   It was done by Hor Shots,  a chain of shops with one in a fairly small town in Ohio.  Guess there wasn't enough business, because that one subsequently went out of business.

You can see that I had a lot fewer wrinkles back then, and my skin was a lot smoother!  Plus, trowels full of makeup!  But it was then, and still is today, my own hair.  It was fun having the girls at the studio put it in hot rollers, then comb it out.  I have the pictures buried, and other than the crossdresser who was with me the day they were taken, nobody knows they exist!

Haven't had the nerve, the money, or the time, to try a makeover again...  As I recall, the makeover itself wasn't too costly, but the pictures "ate my lunch."  Not sure what the future holds...however, if dresses become my everyday outfits next year, I'll probably need several repeats, to learn how to look as good as possible - i haven;t been able to re-create this nice an appearance by myself.

And I'll end up with some current professional pictures - which can then be showed to anyone. 

Having fun in a dress.

Following is a different kind of fun, and a picture that was taken with me in jeans.  Sitting in the engineer's seat of a steam locomotive would be tough to re-create, with me in a dress.  Actually, just sitting there wouldn't be a problem at all, but climbing up to the cab in a dress and heels would be the challenging part.  Bet a girl would have the attention of every male within eyeshot, waiting for her to return to terra firma.

No, before you ask, I don't run them, I was "just visiting" in the cab.  But, I really do like trains - a lot!

Having fun...but not in a dress...


  1. Mandy -

    That's a good picture of you - how long did it take to do that makeover?


  2. Glad you like!

    I arrived there about 6PM. The girls worked on me for about 2-1/2 hours, doing hair and makeup (tons of that!) They didn't rush, and I had a good time being pampered. Had to wait about a half hour for the photographers to finish another shoot - some teenage girls - but they were reasonably respectful. No typically teenage girl giggling, etc., since when I got there it had been obvious what gender I was.)

    The pictures took another forty five minutes or so...that was fun! Then I had a short wait while they prepared their presentation and about a half hour for that, where i chose the pictures I wanted to pay for.

    When all was said and done, I paid the bill and left - but since the mall the joint was in had closed I got an escort out by security. Memory says it was about 10:30.

    The evening was well worth it, though from what I have since read, they weren't of the caliber of some of the transformation shops.



  3. Mandy -

    Sophie Lynne in her blog notes she uses Amanda Richards near Philadelphia. For me, it would be Scarlett Thompson, as she's in Connecticut. Having one person within a 2-3 hour drive is very important. If you're concerned about potty breaks, many Starbucks are single stall loos - perfect for a TG to be in and out without worrying what natal females will think in passing....

    But do invest the time in a visit, and make sure that everything that is done is explained to you. Once you have the basics down, everything else starts falling into place quckly.


    BTW - I think that Jim Bridges did a great job on me at Fantasia Fair. Too bad I can't do my face as well as he did - but I'm both learning and trying....