Monday, November 26, 2012

An Eagle Celebrates a lonely Thanksgiving....

At this festive time of year, even our feathered friends get to celebrate Thanksgiving, though this fellow probably was probably extra happy since the feast was his alone!  It was one of the largest Eagles I've seen...and even cars whizzing by, or stopping 25 feet from him for pictures, did nothing to distract him from the job at hand!

Big Bird....and not the yellow kind!

The day after Thanksgiving was a sightseeing day for our little family...our son was home for the holiday...we took to the roads and ended up having dinner at a little seasonal waterside restaurant which was surprisingly enough, open at this time of year.  Couldn't pass up the chance for a photo.

This is a very short entry...nothing really new and exciting has happened since the last post, and there's no more info about a possible wardrobe change for me.  At this point, I don't plan to bring the topic up again...because I think I'd be comfortable either way.  And I'd rather the better half make the decision to put me in dresses, instead of my "forcing her hand" and later hearing about it.  If her decision is to leave well enough alone, I'll still be able to dress when I'm away from home.

Time will tell how it goes...meanwhile, things go on as usual.


  1. Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird. If he won the argument, that eagle might've been on the table on Thanksgiving day.

  2. Mandy ~ if you wish, drop me a note youCanCallMeMeg at gmail. I'd like to know where you are. Mid-Atlantic can't be _too_ far from me.