Friday, July 6, 2012

Shop Till You Drop & "All-American Girl at The Hair Salon!"

"Shop till you drop" is something new for me!  

It was fun wearing my new peasant skirt and blouse that I purchased at Goodwill again when I visited there (and several other thrift shops) the next day, searching through the racks for more bargains!  I saw several skirts and blouses I'd like to buy, and the price is definitely right...but I just don't have room for them!  That could be a subtle way of recognizing that I need to get rid of stirrup pants and polo shirts, and to replace them with skirts and blouses!

The same clerk waited on me at Goodwill both days.  But I didn't hear "Didn't you just get your outfit here yesterday?"  Guess it just didn't register with her. Or maybe they get so many customers that they can't remember one from another... Oh well, it was fun anyway!

You may notice I'm not smiling in this picture.  That doesn't mean I'm not having fun.  The smile just left my face after I tried 3 times to get this picture, and had to move because a car went by (since I was standing in the way.)  At least the fourth time was a success!  Once again, the wind ruined any semblance of hair style...that happens a lot here.

If I weren't a retired girl, this would be a perfect workday outfit, including the flats!  Both the skirt and blouse are quite feminine. It would feel very luxurious to wear in a work situation...gee, maybe I should try to go back to work, as a girl...NOT!  And the girl part isn't the issue - that would be fun!  It's a lack of desire to work, at least for now. with me.

My beautician and I both wear the same dress size, and she's been a big supporter of my becoming a full time girl.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, her plan to eliminate my stirrup pants now has been activated for the first time...

When I arrived for my hair appointment early last month,  wearing stirrups and my newly acquired brown blouse, the receptionist escorted me to the ladies' room and waited outside while I took off my stirrups. But I failed to hand them right out to her, and that wasn't the way it was supposed to work.  So, being careful to not open the door too wide and expose me to other girls, she came on in and closed the door behind her ("Don't worry, sweetie, it's OK; we're both girls in here.")  To put me at ease, she and I talked for a few minutes about how nice it feels to able to wear dresses and skirts, with me still clutching my folded stirrups in front of me, and blushing.  She was a good conversationalist, and professional at keeping constant eye contact with me, never "looking down."

She assured me that she'd be back with something pretty for me, and would never leave her girlfriend stuck in the ladies' room in her blouse, pantyhose and flats. My resistance finally melted away, and I simply handed her my now wrinkled and "almost wadded up" stirrups.  She smiled, re-folded them, then gave me a big hug, during which she - surprisingly - planted a deliciously-tasty and quite lengthy kiss directly on my lips (no girly little peck on the cheek from her.)  Then she turned on her (high) heels, and promptly left with my stirrups, locking the door behind her with a key so nobody could accidentally walk in.  I sat down on the chair, quietly contemplating my current half-clothed situation, and waiting for her to bring me something to wear over my pantyhose-covered (and quite exposed) bottom.

About 20 minutes later, the lock clicked again, and she came back in,  handing me a neatly-folded garment.  I unfolded it, said it looked wonderful (at that point ANYTHING - even an evening gown - would have been wonderful) and modestly turned away from her as I stepped into my new white skort.  You can see from the following picture, that it blends very nicely with my brown blouse. "Wow, look at you, sweetie - that's much better.  You're far prettier now.  Let's go introduce you to the ladies!"  Then she grabbed my hand and led me out to the salon.   The women unanimously liked what they saw, and told me that I clearly got the better end of the deal...skorts are way cooler than stirrups in the summer and keep my legs on display for the world to see, while looking much more feminine than pants of any sort.

After my hair was done, my beautician applied some light makeup, and took an extra few minutes to give my fingernails a couple coats of bright red polish, to match the long-wearing kiss-proof red lipstick she had already applied.  As she painted my nails, she reminded me that the skort now framing my pantyhosed legs is the very same one she was wearing the day I bugged her about how much I like to see her in them.  "Bet you never thought you'd leave your hair appointment today as an All-American-Girl,  in your very own cute skort, with bright red lips and nails, made-up enough to be able to blend in as a woman in public, and attractive enough for men to flirt with."  Ain't that the darn truth!

"Enjoy your newest fashion statement!  Go to the mall and shop for some dresses, plus eat something with the other girls in the food court...your makeup and lipstick should look just fine for the rest of the day. Skorts are universal, and worn by lots of women...I hope you'll wear them as often as I did.  And, rest assured, every time you arrive for future appointments in your stirrups, you'll leave here again wearing a skort.   All of us here all really want to see you wearing them - or better yet, skirts!"

As I was leaving, the ladies reminded me to stop and turn around when I got to my car in the parking lot, so they could see how I look in skorts, from a distance.  (Too bad they didn't get a picture that day, for posterity!  This picture is more recent.)  So I did, and they waved, with a thumbs-up. Guess they liked what they saw!

And they really do feel great!

Now, will this all happen again next time if I show up in stirrups?  Maybe, only time will tell!

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