Monday, July 2, 2012

Out and about, Maryland, November 2011

I was out of town on business in the Maryland suburbs of DC in November of 2011 and (of course) couldn't pass up the opportunity for Mandy to get out and about...

My camera was on the rear bumper of my vehicle - unfortunately it was a solo excursion, without my usual tripod. Just beyond the left edge of the picture was an usher for an event being held at the hotel, watching me. And to the right of the picture were two cars with girls in them, just arriving for the event as I was standing there.. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't quite well enough dressed to crash the party :( I'd have had to borrow a gown, corset, and a pair of high heel pumps from one of the girls.  And, they'd have either been offended, or thrilled, to have their very own full size living Barbie doll, to dress as they please...

That could have been fun!

My French acrylics are just barely visible...and the work my beautician is doing to get my hair evened out is definitely's looking much healthier than in my previous pictures. I guess she wants my appearance to be as girlie as possible, before she collects all my stirrups and leggings and donates them to her church rummage sale. And as the girl who's going to be wearing skirts (and dresses) every day, once I no longer own any pants, I heartily concur with that approach! The better I look, the more relaxed I'll be.

But while I may be comfortable in skirts and dresses "whenever I feel like it", it certainly will be different once I look in my closet each morning, and realize that anything I choose to wear is going to put my legs on display...then keep them that way all day, every day of the year. Yes, I can "hide" them by wearing nylons or tights, but they'll still be plainly visible below the hem of my dress or skirt...just covered by a thin film of nylon.

Even more strange will be going about my daily affairs, knowing that males of the species will be checking me know the saying, "boys will be boys!"  Well, that may be true...unless they've become girls! If I'm going to be ogled, I want to be the best looking female I can be...

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