Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Summer Outfits, and A Visit To The Doctor...

As recently as the spring of 2011, the type of things I'm wearing below became my everyday work outfits, until I retired last December.  The gals at work loved my feminine "look" and thought it was very appropriate for me.  The guys - well, they just tolerated it. 

But, since my retirement, these same outfits have become my fall-winter-spring everyday clothes, and serve as dressier outfits over the summer.  For everyday wear, I'm basically stuck wearing my sandals, sleeveless tops, and Capri pants or pedal pushers, like a lot of women. That's certainly not a problem for me.   They're girly, look wonderful together, and are very comfortable!  But it's resulted in my wearing closed shoes only 4 times in 5 weeks, for less than 3 hours per time, and now they feel hot and restrictive.  I find having my pedicured feet and polished toes on display for all to see is much more fun - it's so feminine, gets smiles from the ladies, and is much cooler!  Going back into flats when the weather gets cold will be a major change for me now, and I may put it off as long as possible!

The guys I deal with locally ignore my femininity and carry on, business as usual. All the ladies at both my beauty and nail salon are fine with it...but they constantly encourage me to buy some pretty embellished ballerina flats and kitten heel pumps to feminize my outfits, until they can get me into skirts or dresses.

The girls remind me that all I need to do is put on a sundress or skirt, and I'll begin to realize what real comfort is.  And my beautician has been working on making that my reality...

Earlier this year, I went to the doctor for my annual physical wearing an outfit like the above, with a sleeveless blouse underneath (for convenience in bloodwork) but without makeup or professional female hair style.

The doctor (a female) was/is fine with my apparel, and has me wearing pantyhose every day, to improve leg circulation.  She was pleased that I was still wearing them, and has prescribed that I continue to continue to do so indefinitely.

Not once did I hear "sir" during my visit.  Instead, I was "Ms Sherman" or my first name.  The assistant said "OK Ms. Sherman, I'll give you a few minutes to remove your blouse, bra and nylons, put your stirrups back on and pull up the legs as far as you can, so we can wire you for your EKG."   And she left the room!

As she was attaching the wires for my EKG, she commented about my cute flats, which were waiting for me on the chair.  She asked if I've tried heels with my outfit. I said "not yet", and she told me to try a pair of 2" heels instead of flats. "You'll love how you look in them, you'll get a little taller, and they'll put some swing in your hips!" After what I heard at the grocery store a while back, it sounds like I should take her advice...and get started with heels.

The sad part about her instructions to remove my bra was - that I wasn't wearing one.  And as part of the physical, my doctor decided to do a female-style breast exam on me, to look for possible breast cancer.  Fortunately nothing caused her to order a mammogram for me!   So, I guess "the girls" look realistic enough for now. Maybe someday she will tell me to start wearing a bra with my pantyhose! 

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