Saturday, October 13, 2018

More sightseeing in the Washington, DC area

No visit to Washington DC is complete without a visit to Mt. Vernon.  The traffic was awful, but the sightseeing was wonderful.

Following is a picture of the greenhouse on the Mt.Vernon estate property.  It looks nice enough to live in!  Don't you just love the plantings and fabulous gardens?

We took some time to explore downtown Fredericksburg, VA on foot.  There were many fascinating shops and lots of seasonal (fall) decorations.  During our exploration, we came across an old-time soda fountain and pharmacy.  Fascinating.  The sign inside proclaims it to be the nation's oldest soda fountain!  And they still make their yunmy milkshakes the old fashioned way, with those old "tall" blenders.  If you look carefully, you can see them against the wall under the "G" in Goolrick's.

Below is one of the dioramas at the Marine Corps museum in Quantico, VA....depicting typical Marine activity in a scene from the war in Vietnam.  One person mused that the latticework in the overhead windows was meant to symbolize rope ladders used on the sides of ships to get Marines down to the water when going ashore.  Could be....I can imagine that scenario.

More to follow...



  1. Several times on our winter runs to the Florida sun we have passed the Marine Corp Museum and I have wondered about stopping in. When we are on the road we tend to be destination oriented so we never seem to stop to smell the roses on the side of the road. As a working stiff my time is never my own. Perhaps I can slow down if I can ever retire.
    One time in Florida we did check out the Navy Seal Museum in Fort Pierce. Very interesting and worth a visit if you are down that way. Of course if you are down the east coast of Florida you need to visit the Kennedy Space Center.

    1. The Museum in Quantico is worth the visit if you can find time before or after the train...there is a restaurant there, so you can time it as a lunch stop (not sure how late it's open in the evening - if at all.)

      As for the Space Center, we did that about 3 years ago. It, too, is well worth the visit!