Sunday, January 22, 2017

French Lick Springs Resort - a grand hotel.

The saga continues!

Our third and fourth nights were spent at the French Lick Springs Resort, a massive "grand porch hotel" in the traditional fashion.  Restored to its ornate original interior appearance, this place is magnificent in its own right...and now featuring a casino for your entertainment.   While at the hotel, I went into the casino, and signed up to use the promotional cash the hotel gives guests upon check-in.  

The clerk needed my driver's license (you know - that ID many of us still have, with the big "M" on it!)  But that "M" didn't seem to matter to her - she treated me as she would any other woman.  (Perhaps because my hands - with manicured nails - were visible on the counter the whole time???)  And when I asked for some guidance on using the slots, she called for one of the floor men.  Both of them addressed me as female...   I could really get used to this!   (Before you ask, I only "lost" $10 of my own money - I know my limits.)

While on this vacation, I managed to obtain a train ride.  This shows Mandy having some fun riding on a private car.  A fun time, of course, with part of it spent on the open rear platform, my favorite place to ride...besides the open vestibule!

We knew some of the folks there.  To them, I was "sir."  Oh, well - that's OK.   They seem to overlook the obvious (attire) and just go with the familiar...

Mandy on the observation platform of a private railcar..

Since it was cloudy and rainy during our visit, I resurrected a picture from a previous visit, to show the place in sunlight.   (Too bad there wasn't any sun this trip.)  Notice its huge porch...lined with chairs, full of people in 3 seasons, empty when we were there this time.   Too cold and rainy.  :-(

French Lick Springs hotel...

Lobby of French Lick Springs Resort.

Our last evening meal in the casual fare pub at the Resort was extra special...   The waitress welcomed us as "girls" and asked "Can I start you girls off with something to drink?"  We were "girls" all through the meal.  We've frequently been addressed as "ladies."  And individually as "Ma'am" or "Miss."  But memory fails to recall any instances where we've been "girls" for an evening.  And I'll never complain! 

This was an exceptionally successful visit for Mandy, and fortunately my wife has become accustomed to us being addressed as "ladies."   That's a good thing.    After these four days of fun, it was off to Tennessee to visit our son, D-I-L and granddaughter.

In a nearby town on our way out, we came across the following road closure.   The work crew supervisor told me that the driver of a heavy truck had tried (quite unsuccessfully) to cross this very old, weight-restricted bridge.  The predictable result looked like this:

 Oops...that  truck driver had a very bad hair day.

Note the broken support beam on the right side...indicative of severe overload.  It didn't just bend a little, it snapped.

Definitely an old bridge!

The town will likely be getting this old bridge upgraded significantly (or perhaps replaced completely), courtesy of the trucking company's insurance, the trucking company may be getting a new truck, and it's quite probable that the driver is now searching for a new way to "earn his daily bread..."

Speaking of motor vehicles, recently an interesting article in a railroad publication indicated that railroads may ultimately be affected by the same autonomous (driverless) craze that seems to be building for the auto industry.   The day of the driverless truck may soon be at hand, since autonomous cars are being tested now, and labor (truck driver) costs are so high.  This may seriously affect railroads, which to this point, can't by law use autonomous (crewless) over-the-road trains.

Can you imagine a little mistake by the electrons in charge of a truck (or train), the end result of which finds a load of hazmat-tanker/dangerous cargo dumped on the ground?   In one of our cities or towns, no less?  (Perhaps by trying to cross a weight-restricted bridge, with no human able to intervene?)  This proves the driverless truck (in fact, any vehicle) might be an actual safety issue to contend with.

Stay tuned as this situation's bound to get interesting.

More later!



  1. I know enough about car, truck and train accidents to know that it always involves human error so perhaps the concept of driverless vehicles makes some sense but there is a strong part of me that channels my inner Luddite that fears this type of technology. As they used to say about computers...garbage in...garbage out.

    1. Unfortunately, the old saying about computers is still true!

      And I heard one a while back, in the same vein: "To really foul things up...requires a computer."


    2. When was the last time you saw us in concert Mandy.

    3. To the Wiggles,

      Haven't had the pleasure...but from the internet, it looks like your group probably would be of interest to my granddaughter. Next time I visit, I definitely will show her some of your nursery rhyme videos. She will love them...