Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Honey, I shrunk the train...

Below is a picture from our visit to the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum in Portland a few years ago.  It was a fun ride on a little (and I do mean little) train, along Casco Bay.  The track is 2 foot gauge (between the rails.)  For comparison, regular railroads are 4'-8.5" between the rails. The museum has great narrow gauge exhibits, and if you get a chance, it's worth while stopping by, especially if the train is running.

Time for my nails to get another fill.   Drove by the old nail salon and they were I set sail for the new salon (the one in my town.)  The techs remembered me from my last visit, and welcomed me as "Ma'am."  They asked me to sit down for about 10 minutes and the tech I used last time would be ready for me.

And at about the appointed time, she invited me to her station, and work began.  She worked hard on my nails, and by the time she was done, they looked even better than the last time.  Before you ask, she did try to sell me on red...but I was able to escape it "again."   As she finished me up, she gave me the price, and it was the same as last time.  Will wonders never cease?  It hadn't gone up...definitely not an introductory price!

Sunday we got an email from our son's wife (on their anniversary)...thanking us for having such a wonderful son.  That touching note actually brought tears to my eyes - and still does, every time I think about it.   I responded about how much we love that he chose such a wonderful woman to spend his life with...

Monday, I was at the garage, waiting for the service adviser for my daily driver to finish with the previous customer to talk with me.  There was a woman behind me, and another service adviser (female) motioned the woman to come to her desk.  The woman said "She's first" meaning lil' ol' me, in my girly outfit of gray stirrups, black turtleneck, Mom's necklace, patent leather flats, a purse, and with my usual long hair and now very shiny nails.  The service adviser, who clearly knows I'm a guy, and was within earshot of the lady, respectfully said to me "She's waiting for you're next." 

And following on the heels of that incident, I stopped at a carpet store to look for some new floor coverings for our kitchen.  I thought the clerk (who has worked with us twice) knew I was a guy, but after hearing her address me as female, to my face as well as to the other clerk, I'm not so sure.  Oh, well, if my wife and I go in together looking for floor covering I bet we'll be addressed as two women...and there's nothing wrong with that.

Sorry about the delay in getting to finish this.  Today I went to a big box office supply store for a few things.  And had to ask for help.  The clerk initially didn't use gender specific forms of address, but at the end, he found someone to "carry this stuff out to the lady's car."  I accept help any way I can get it!!!

Let me leave you with a sunset picture, of Portland, Maine's waterfront at sunset, with a beautiful sailboat between us and the shore...




  1. It seems that regardless of what people may be thinking you are being treated as 'just one of the girls' more and more all the time.

    1. Yes,it does. But I hope I can soon work out a chance to be "Mandy" for a couple days. It's been a very long dry spell...


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