Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A refreshingly pleasant day...

While our kids (who are houseguests for a week and a half) were off visiting friends, I visited the nail salon to get a pedicure and fill.  Surprisingly, a new tech (early 20's) did my nails, and without prompting by the owner, she addressed and treated me as a woman.  No fuss, muss or bother!  What a pleasure...given that I've had very few occasions to be Mandy, and today's only cues of femininity came from the fact I was having my nails done, my hair, purse, flats and stirrup pants.  I could learn to like that a lot!

Then, on the way home, I stopped at the hardware store to see if the LED light bulbs they were expecting (and which were on sale) had arrived.  They had, at noon, but sold out immediately.  He offered to hold a box for me with next week's shipment, and give us a call, asking "to whom should we talk?"  I gave my true "now-female" given name and my wife's first name, as the two choices (but avoided using the term "my wife" with her name.)   And at that point, instead of  the "no gender-specific forms of address"mode he had been in, I became "Miss."

Ought to be fun if my wife gets the call when they come in...

My new brown sandals finally arrived, and I've been wearing them around the house...

These sandals are cut just a bit differently from the white ones, and their comfort isn't quite as legendary, even though they're the exact same size.  So I won't pursue a pair in black right now.  But I should still be able to enjoy wearing them, particularly with capris and skirts, but they're fine with jeans and dresses too.

I haven't pushed my luck by wearing them around the kids yet...but there's more time ahead.  Tomorrow may be the day.  Apparently I haven't yet worn them enough to get a wifely reaction to them yet, as I did the white ones.   But time is on my side.   And if my wife insists on the "no closed shoes" theme she mentioned will take effect when she packs up my closet full of footwear, I can look forward to a reminder that they're going to be my everyday footwear this summer!

In case you're wondering about the dress above...it's one of several I wear only around the house.  Very loose fitting, and very comfortable. My wife is used to it, and doesn't protest as long as I don't head out on my errands wearing it!  But it's not nearly nice enough for wearing in public - I wouldn't even try.  Not even around the kids.  The only dress which might be appropriate is my sleeveless black jumper, which would be OK worn with a turtleneck.  If Mandy ever goes anywhere in the winter, that will be be a good outfit for my suitcase. 

Today while I was out and about. I stopped in at my optometrist's to pick up a set of contacts.  During my walk through the mall (dressed as described in the first paragraph above), most every kiosk attendant addressed me as a female, and tried to sell me something...very affirming.  Then at the big box store, I got into the shortest checkout line  (two very full carts in front of me, and one half-full).  The man with the half-full cart turned to me and said "Ma'am, if you go over there. to the customer service area, they'll check out your two items so you don't have to wait in line."  "Oh thanks so much, Sir!"  That must be something new...and I like it.  Then as I headed for the exit, a guard said "Please use the doors over there, Ma'am."    That let me get out of there even quicker...

It was quite a good day...

More later...



  1. You seem to be perceived as a woman more often than not. It is just nice when folks are nice even if they are less than sure about gender issues.
    As you wife gets more and more at ease with one thing we find a way to slowly raise the bar.
    Good luck.

    1. I hope this works...the other computer doesn't give me any way to respond - they took away the "anonymous" feature. As well as took away my ability to respond on my own yahoo ID. I guess I'm just lucky that this laptop hasn't quit working, too! On the other hand, I haven't shut it down in weeks, since before the problem began to occur. Maybe I'll think twice before shutting that power off!

      Who needs another (of too many already) email accounts, on which to delete spam and get phished by crooks?

      Yes, I do hear "Ma'am" quite often, even with my wife nearby. And it's wonderful when folks address me as the woman I am...like today at the big box store.

      "Raise the bar" is my motto! Wouldn't be dressed like I am, if I hadn't.